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You can buy cheap heat shrink from us. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.

heat shrink Customers Reviews

  • 1M Black Heat Shrink Tubing (20mm)

    posted by Snake2004

    Heat-shrinkable tubing is ideal for 18 650 batteries. Can be used for additional shell batteries. The standard shell is not very strong. In the lantern is damaged in a place where there is a wire from the defense on the "+". This tube is very durable and reliable. The price is quite normal.
    The tube is well packaged, arrived undamaged. You can connect several batteries in series and after that they will be well-coupled tube.
  • The Business

    posted by moromorr

    They shrink, well this is basically your standard heatshrink so it does what its supposed to.
    The assorted sizes are ideal if you're starting off your stock and are unsure of exactly which diameters you'll be requiring
    Its a pity DX don't stock the adhesive lined versions
    Cheap and cheerful
  • 4.0mm Banana Connectors

    posted by RossUK

    These are a great deal, I used them for connecting a LiPo to an ESC and they work perfectly. Much easier to solder than some 2mm ones I was using previously. The included heat-shrink is useful and fits great.
    After using them these would be my first choice when I need to change the connections on ESC's or LiPo's. A great deal!
  • Tiny for tight spots

    posted by LittleBitMore

    Tiny, low profile anodised aluminium. Doesn't foul other chips or case.Peel and stick. Eight in one package is a good number as it will suit a number of applications.
    Works well on Raspberry Pi model B for both large chips.I left a heatsink off the regulator as the pins for the reset button are adjacent to the regulator chip and I haven't soldered them on yet.Clean top of chip to be cooled with methylated spirits, allow to dry before applying heatsink. I used a pair of tweezers to place the heatsink in the correct position before pressing down to ensure it was firmly adhered.
    Easy to fit. Works well.
  • Why pay the big bucks

    posted by neilf1999

    This shrink tubing is the same as the stuff you buy at Radio Shack for $5/piece. The variety of sizes makes it handy for most situations. It works well and the 0.8mm size is almost impossible to find in small, home use quantities. The 0.8mm is good for 28-32ga wire.
    Very handy to have in your electronic parts kit. At this price, you can buy a number of these variety packs and place them with your soldering iron, your electronic repair parts and anyplace else you may need it, without breaking the bank.
    Good, cheap...what more is there to say.

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