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  • Ditmo DM-4700 Stereo Headset Headphones - Red + Black (3.5mm Plug /

    posted by chito1

    the headphones look aesthetically beautiful, give Dr.dree like those, they sound like normal headphones, which include the publication claiming to be red but they sent blacks.
    Hearing aids are actually black and not red like the image of its publication at least ami sent me the black, I'm a little annoyed. and I think maybe the price could be lower.
    recommend purchase if you are looking normal headphones

    posted by Zabiu

    -easy to move around/extend-just plug in and play-no need for a sound card if you have a usb headset-cool-easy button controls-flexible mic for durability
    good for the price and qualityi originally bought it for my wii to play black ops but it wouldnt work because i need the official wii blackops headset.better than buying a headset for $30+ at a store.
    A good headset for its price and quality.
  • Good for its price

    posted by Vovanyum

    Sound quality is good (at least for its price).
    Playback time is really long. It is enough for about of workday with several breaks. Two workdays without recharge with longer breaks.
    Bluetooth can be paired with 2 phones, both in standby in the same time.
    Seem to be damage-proof - after being thrown to a floor it's still alive.
    Play at -20°C frost!
    Device lacks some features one may expect:
    Blueooth is only 8000 kHz mono, so no high quality streamed audio through BT, only phone talks (but you can use it as an ordinary headphone with a cable).
    Micro-USB socket is only for charging, so you have to use a cardreader.
    Device is good for it's price, no much features but it do what it is designed to.
  • Very useful and good quality.

    posted by frantrax

    Good headset. Good quality with a lot of useful usages: * you can use with bluetooth gadget* you can use to listen the radio* you can use to listen mp3 music introducing a microsd card* you can connec to a radio/mp3 with a jack cableThe material have good quality.
    Very useful and good quality.The sound is better than I supposed. When the bluetooth is not connect you hear an strange sound but it connects you hear very well.
    Very useful and good quality. I think I´ll but another pair for my girlfriend.
  • Great Product

    posted by sanju77

    Well this is what i wanted, this is a great product the sound quality is amazing the FM reception is good the Bluetooth works great up to 15 to 20 meters i can receive calls while listing to music . Build quality is solid the packaging was great with a solid box and a very good quality pouch is also given. I have never touched my old JBL headphones since this product has arrived , noise cancellation and the mic are also great..... i personally will recommend this product ...works great with skype..Battery is amazing i dont remember the day i charged them...
    Will buy one more for my sister
    A Great Quality Product

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