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  • Good sound quality and comfort

    posted by ricko3d

    Best cheap one ear voice control headset for PS4, c'mon is just 8.55 isn't that cheap enought. they give you an excelent experience while gaming on PS4 conected to your controler. Colors ara just right and couldn't be better. Built is a little bit cheap but for the price i dont care, just because the sound is really good, not like Boss or any other expensive (really expensive) headphones but make chat and voice control really easy.
    There is nothing to think, if you need a headset for voice control for PS4 and have 9 bucks to spend on it then this is the one you need, 100% compatible, proved even can use it for your cellphone.
    Just don't put it on your backpack or suitcase because it will brake, mine is in perfect condition after weeks of playing.
  • Good ration price/quality

    posted by AudiTTRSi2

    Headphones have good sound quality. They have stylish look and red black color combination makes them even cooler. Headphones are comftable to wear with reading glasses
    Cables and jacks are made good, so that u would ruin them after few useages
    To me headphones seems really good buy for it's price, since i didnt want to pay fortune for headphones . If i would need to buy again i would choose this headphones again.
  • Pretty well headsett for it cost.

    posted by LiLRandom

    Its good loking, sound is great for other headsett in that prise class. Pretty well builded and the mic almost catch all sounds in a good radius. Good sound and every thing seems perfect for the time ive had it. (6 days)
    Got a good looking and perfect finish, pretty heavy build, and unbelivable sound for that price, soo if people want a good gaming headsett that u can play and watch movie and music. Go for it!.
    Pretty good all around.. not mutch to say about that.. culda have been a bit more cheaper but as u know u pay for the quality.. and this headsett is good for it price..And sorry for bad english.from Norway
  • Pretty good

    posted by rodro40k

    Good sound,good quality. Comfortable and cool looking. Both connectors come with a cap. Perfect packing.
    Overall they are nice, they can be used for gaming, skyping, or even use them for you ipod or portable-music-reproducer device. I am thinking about buying 2nd ones so i can use them in both computers or have one pair of spare ones in case they break.
    10€ you should totally buy them. You could get cheaper ones but they would last less and wont be as good as theese ones.
  • For this price...it's amazing

    posted by Blazer134

    - It is amazingly superb headphones for such price, honestly I have never seen anything quite like it.- Really loud, in comparison I also have a ~120$ Razer Kraken 7.1 headset which when I bought I thought was VERY loud, then I bought these and they were like 2 times more louder, I honestly could not believe that seeing as that they cost almost 3 times less.- 7.1, there is nothing quite like it, I just love surround sound, the best part is that you can switch from 2 to 8 channels in the program that comes in the driver cd in case some program does not support 7.1.- Remote control, it is a very handful thing, you can higher/lower volume easily (even though you don't have to do that a lot because the headset is super loud which is a good thing of course) and also you can mute sound or mute microphone.- Microphone, I have a lot of microphones at my home, and this one compares the closest in quality to my other headset' Razer Kraken 7.1
    I really like the design and colors of it, It's nice that you can choose from different colors.
    If you are thinking about buying expensive headsets' such as from Razer or Turtle Beach and such, this headset compares closest to them for a much lower price, for me it is really a good purchase and I recommend it.

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