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headphone stereo red

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headphone stereo red Customers Reviews

  • Work as intended. No problems.

    posted by mayak

    The battery is very good, no need to charge frequently. Work for a big range, no noises. Using with the Ipad and Iphone, no problems. The music quality is also good
    Good headphones, suitable as the first try for wireless bluetooth stereo.
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  • KANEN VA-039MV Stereo Headphone w/ Microphone - White + Red (3.5mm Plug

    posted by jainish

    It is worth of what you are spending.Looks nice and has a great sound quality.Wire is pretty long so no hassle regarding shortage of it.
    Fantastic effect and works fine with computer and phone as well.
    Go for it guys.It was worth spending money on this headphone.
  • Great value for money

    posted by Dachaz

    - Price- Better sound quality than most of the (brand) headphones double the price- Solid looks (red "organic" cord is a nice touch)- Detachable/replaceable cord
    Even though folding of the headphones is technically possible, the "folded" position feels both fragile and doesn't reduce the space consumed by the headphones enough to be useful (i.e. don't expect to fit these in your jacket).
    Having that cord breakage was the issue on most of my previous headphones and that these offer replaceable cord, they seem like a great investment.
  • Works Well. A little tight

    posted by cheshirenoir

    Works well, excellent price. It has decent controls on the cable. The cable is a decent length. Sound quality is excellent. Gaming with decent headphones is so much better than with speakers. Other than the size of the earpieces (See below) these are quite adjustable and fit well. The material seems excellent. I was expecting it to be a lot cheaper looking than it is.
    When I wear them I can't hear my wife. Sometimes this is a pro. Sometimes this is a con.
    Buy them. They work well.
  • Great for the price !

    posted by LocoManLegend

    Cheap !!!The sound quality isn't the best, but it does not sizzle,the volume is good.Good basses, clear enough sound, not distorted...Not too heavy, the cable is long enoughComfortable but don't let much inhale ears
    I don't think that there is a second mic on the cable, i don't know how it could be used by windows (or other) because there's just one microphone jack cable...so, i think it's a fake.I haven't broken it yet, so it must be solid :)
    Really nice for the price, I couldn't expect more ;)

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