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headphone microphone jack Customers Reviews

  • Pink headphones with mic

    posted by luigidj

    It is very well made, the fabric is soft, the metal bracket is solid, the microphone is not movable, so it will not break or fall, it is adjustable to the head, the connectors are color coded and it have a volume control for the headphones
    This one was a gift for my friend's daughter. She wanted a pink headphones for her new laptop, and she was very happy with it.
    All and all, this was a good gift, it was cheap and the girl was happy with my gift :)
  • cute and usefull headphones

    posted by skynight

    i bought this for my girl. girlysh headphones ...wide range of sizes for the headso far so good, the mic and phones seem to work fine.the volume is good but when is loud it gets a bit unclear.the box they come in protect them for the delivery.
    it's a good gift! nobody will say anything about it.usefull material to have near you.the jacks come protected with plastic which is very good to preserve for travelling or anything like it.
    not the best headphones you know, but for the price it worths the shot.
  • Worth the price

    posted by GraveUypo

    - Decent audio quality (can be improved a LOT with some equalizing)- Very good volume levels- Looks neat- Very light, you forget you're even using it after a while.- EXTREMELY comfortable. Seriously, by far the most comfortable headphones i've ever used. it's like it floats over your ears- Good cable lenght
    I bought it for gaming and the microphone being this awful kinda renders it pointless unfortunately, since my old headphones sound better than this.I'll try opening it up to see if there's anything i can do to improve it but meh, at worst this becomes my travel earphones (along with my other much more compact but much worse sounding one)
    As a earphone this is really good bang for your buck, but if you want it for the microphone you might as well look elsewhere.
  • Good for skype and gaming

    posted by smarib

    this is a good low budget gaming headset, has a good mic and good sound i use this everyday now when im talking to my friends trough skype or teamspeak, so if you use skype or something like that then you should get it its soo cheap too, cant find another one like this even if its used,,, defenetly buy this one!
    buy it its super good and black and cool
    its so good

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