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head scarf Customers Reviews

  • I like it. It cheap and useful.

    posted by Charmarder

    It is chipper than branded Buff in 10 times. It do not have any seams. Quality is pretty good. I use it when biking and hiking in summer. Do not worry you lost it in windy weather. Also I use it when I skying as face mask in winter.
    I bought 3 pieces. It a good gift for friends. But delivery is too slow (32 days). I hope it's because New Year period. So it come after New Year, more then week late I supposed.
    Buy it if you need. It better then cap, blazers, bandanna and so on.
  • Nice!!

    posted by kayn1

    Nice to use, when it is cold outside. Protects the neck, and many other possibilities with the head scarf!I use it as a rule that hat, and it fits nicely under the helmet!!
    Could been a little thicker, Nothing special,..
    Nice, and i like it! I have several pieces of it, and I use them every time I go out to bicycles!..I like it, and I also believe you will do the same!
  • I like it. It cheap and useful. Good for biking, hiking and runing.

    posted by clausweb

    It is chipper than branded Buff in 10 times. It do not have any seams. Quality is pretty good. I use it when biking and hiking in summer, spirng and winter but under 0 degrees. Also I use it when I snowboarding as face mask in winter.
    Recomand! Buy it! it`s good for biking, hiking and running!
    Recomand! Buy it! Looks nice!
  • Very useful

    posted by 352554

    Very useful in every use. I bought one six months ago and now I bought 3 more (to make 4, the old is still good)I used it one the head during the summer while biking. Pretty great, since I can't find a hat for my head and if I would it wouldn't be that nice. The head breaths and it's protected from the sun.Now (wintertime) I use it as a face mask. While doing 50kph downhill with my bike at 2-3 degrees celcius, I can barely feel the cold. At minus 6, I can feel it so I use an extra ski mask on top of the scarf (the ski mask it self is not good enough)
    Love it
    I might go for more.
  • Cool

    posted by Taran2uls

    Cheap, satisfying quality, easy to use, easy to bear, small dimensions. One size fits all! It is not only for cycling, it is perfect for windy days or for unplanned outside tour. Easy to wash and dry.
    Get more then one I've order just one, and had to order some more :\ It is a great product, good quality, and looks cool. Buy it if you need it. And you need it. Everybody should have at least one!
    Highly recommended. Great buy for the price.

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