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head lamp lamp Customers Reviews

  • Great spot light for the value

    posted by Arabianfox

    Nice to work with. Very handy and can be used for many purposes. Rechargable and last at least one hour or more. Head band is ellastic can be put on the head or on plastic helmet.
    I wish DX check all items before sending to customers. Hope they don't send such items this might give customers bad impression. The cost of this item was only $14.66 therefore I don't want to take this issue seriously.
    Usefull only if its brand new. I was given used item repaired. I am not sure if battery of this type available to replace.
  • lots of light for small price

    posted by JohanAnn

    - I only have to use 1 LED of the 4 . The light up the hole room.- nice grip to fasten on te book but also on something else - the arms go every direction en stay firm in that possition- the built quality feels nice- every LED can be lighted separately
    The quality is better then I exspected. I even plan to use it when I go for a halloween walk.
    More light then I exspected. The arms keeps there position very good. I might be a bit heavy if you read een small book. For a magazine it is not suitable. But you can always attach the light to something else then the book.
  • Super-practical flashlight

    posted by rcaresia

    - High battery life;- Elastic holds well;- Compact;- Two levels of light. The strongest is ideal for everywhere;- Resistant;
    This flashlight is super practical. Besides leaving your hands free to work in dark places, has two levels of luminance, and the elastic holds well. The battery lasts a lot, which makes it practical to use anywhere.
    She worked since arriving without even having charge. Recharging takes a bit, but the battery lasts about an hour and a half.
  • Cheap, useful light.

    posted by Generale

    It works well even with partially discharged batteries. The strap seems fairly solid and stays on my head. The hinged function is extremely useful for illuminating nearby objects at eye height.I guess the flashing light could be useful if you put two on your head and use the rear one as a tail light while riding a bike.
    Not bad for its price. Has a good, directional beam. The button has a good feel to it and the strap is nice and solid.
  • You have to have this!

    posted by Nit Fi

    Easy to understand battery inseertion and type of batteries used; two (as opposed to one) bulbs, so you can use only one if you wish to elongate battery/bulb life; flexible "neck" and minimalist design.
    I'm using it for a kindle device and so far, apart from the aforementioned cons, it has been serving me very well. I'd make the base smaller and maybe heavier.
    Very highly reccommended, handy little appliance.

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