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hdmi v1.4 hdmi male to male connection cable

The hdmi v1.4 hdmi male to male connection cable your looking for is one of our top sellers. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.

hdmi v1.4 hdmi male to male connection cable Customers Reviews

  • Not a gold plated

    posted by kisannov

    1) White color - looks much better than black cables;2) Connectors are short that makes it comfortable to connect to, say, a receiver which is close to the wall, or any other device, when no much spase between a device and wall.
    Nice cable for money, I recommend it to buy if you want to connect ajacent .
    Pretty thin wire.There are no "Sony" labels on the wire.The wire is just white. So may be this is a pros.Comfortable to use with macbook (thru hdmi adaptor).
  • Very good

    posted by eduparise

    Well-built, good quality, sturdy, very good length, well priced.
    It's very hard to find a good-quality, long HDMI cable for this price. It never failed on me even if you twist the cable around, signal quality is very good. Very useful when you need to plug your laptop PC on the TV while sitting on the couch, far from the TV set. And also if you need to move your devices around. Since it's 5-meters long, it gives you a very good range. Also, my cats like to chew on my cables, and they did try their luck on this one, but it resisted incredibly well, it's a tough cable!
    Well worth it if you need a slightly longer HDMI than the average 1-3m cables.
  • It works solid

    posted by Garmt77

    This cable is pretty sturdy; it's got mesh around the cable making sure it doesn't snag on things. It's not as slim as some other cables but I'd be happier to use this one than a cheaper one.
    I ordered three HDMI cables from DealExtreme in separate sessions; this cable is the only one that continued to work after the first month.
    I'd buy this one, it looks good and works perfectly. What else do you need in a cable :)
  • Perfect!

    posted by HenryMax

    It's beautiful and impressive (& futuristic) looking.
    Doesn't feel cheap.
    It fits perfect on my computer, PS3, DVI adaptor, and TV
    It's 2.015 meters! :D
    It does what it is supposed to do. Nice length, nice price, good contacts...
    If you need one (and want to show to your friends how your X360 or PS3 looks like in a HDTV) you have found it!
  • Bought to use with raspberry pi

    posted by jaggill23

    This cable does work, however if you are planning to use this with the raspberry pi and are going to use CEC-HDMI to control the pi then this cable will not work. It does output video and sound like expected but is not compatible for CEC-HDMI. Ended up using it for PS3 instead.
    If you just need a HDMI cable to play audio/video this cable will work.
    Depending on your planned usage this cable may work for you.

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