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hdmi v1.3 Customers Reviews

  • Great cable

    posted by mrrigodx

    It's a really good quality cable, it's sturdy and the cable is thick.
    It is long enough to connect my computer to the TV, but portable enough to keep it in my backback.
    It just gets the job done, but I don't know if it supports HDMI 3D signals (HDMI 1.4).
    It maybe a little short if you connect it to a computer and leave it on a coffee table.
  • Good quality and stretchy!

    posted by garfieldp

    Cable provides firm connections to all the devices I have used (Nikon D5100)Gold plated is nice as it ensures good quality connectionsThe coiled cable is always useful for storage
    Very useful for connecting from my camera to my monitor
    If you need a cable to connect a mini hdmi device to an hdmi device, and want a short cable that can extend, this product is probably the best choice on DX.com. Well worth the money
  • Took a chance, and it worked for me

    posted by roebeet

    - Simple installation
    - Works exactly as expected
    - Clear picture, no flickering (at least for my setup)
    I've read the other reviews, so I was wary about this purchase. I have a Samsung LN52A550 (52" LCD), which also has a DVD player and Wii attached. This HDMI cable was for my cable box (FIOS), and I haven't had any issues, so far. Screen is crisp and no flickering.
    Good bang for the buck, assuming you get a cable that works (which was the case, for me).
  • Nice cable for computer use

    posted by tedm3141

    - Short enough to not be ungainly for computer use
    - Flexible enough to not be ungainly for computer use
    - No signal problems (no corrupt macroblocks, no frame drops)
    This probably isn't the hdmi cable you'd use for your entertainment centre, if only because it's very short. But the short length is ideal for use with a computer and hdmi monitor. Also, the cable is much more flexible than most hdmi cables, which tend to be very think and rigid - again, this makes it ideal for computer use.
    Great cable if you want to hook your computer up to an hdmi monitor.
  • Good repeater.

    posted by Archdevil1985

    Small metal housing and comes with a mountingbracket.Works just fine.Picture is perfect, the repeater don't reduce picture quality.No problems with sound.
    Use the long cable on the input-side of the repeater.
    I bought a Samsung SyncMaster BX2331 monitor with HDMI input for my computer. In addition to use this monitor with my pc, I will also use this monitor for the PS3 which is 15m away.A 15m HDMI cable between PS3 and pc monitors won't work. I've tested with several pc monitors with HDMI input. 15m from the PS3 to my Denon AVR-2107 works.The solution was this repeater. Used the 15m cable from PS3 to the repeater, and a 1,8m cable from the repeater to the monitor. That worked fine and the picture is perfect, not degraded or any noice in the picture.If you put the 15m cable on the output side of the repeater to the monitor it will not work. I'm still talking about pc monitors, regular LCD tv's don't have this problem.

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