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hdmi to vga audio

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hdmi to vga audio Customers Reviews

  • Works like charm

    posted by Drout

    It just works, as I expected. I just plugin my MK802 or Raspberry Pi and i can enjoy the output on an old VGA monitor. Quality is perfect, I'm glad i found this product. It splits audio, so nothing is lost
    There is a mini USB connector on the device to power it? I had no made use of it. It seems it works without the USB cable
    Works as expected. This is a very good product who doesn't have a TV with HDMI input. Even if you have a HDMI monitor without sound, you can make use of it.
  • Works

    posted by Arskanaattori

    Works both ways, converts HDMI to VGA and 3,5 jacked audio, and VGA and audio to HDMI. Quality is good, and the gadget is small and easy to use. Cables stay connected good without dropping out.
    In most cases the gadget works just fine without any problems. It should be noted though that when getting audio output from the jack-hole, amplification is needed.
    It could be a bit cheaper but if you really need one of these, you should buy this one.
  • exactly this product I was looking good to know

    posted by Karitonn

    the time I was looking for a material of this quality. plastic is very sturdy and the connections are firm making a material very tired and well suited for those who need this type of adapter comes in a plastic box with tightly closed and cables needed in your imterior recommend your product to all useful and high quality
    This adapter meets most of our needs more who want more details should still search adapters hdmi to hdmi mini
    nothing to declare
  • Extends usefulness of VGA monitors and non-HDMI TV sets

    posted by rndlw1hwjhhdq

    This item allows for TVs and monitors with only a VGA input to accept HDMI, and the resolution is very good. It is also powered so it does not drain your devices. Finally, the converter also converts HDMI sound to your set, but your monitor must have a jack for that to work.
    The cost is a little bit over what I would expect to pay for it (less than $20) but not my much at all.
    Overall, a very useful product and I would recommend every household that has display or TV with a VGA only input to have one around, as this will make it possible to use HDMI only equipment on devices otherwise not compatible. Furthermore, the display and resolution is very good.
  • If you need one, GET IT

    posted by ChrisRedden

    Rather inexpensive, though some models are cheaper on the site. Has been quite handy in turning any unused monitor into a screen for several projects. Used it in filming, running from the HDMI out on my camera to a monitor for better view of the shot.
    Used this at my place of work to display a silent video off of my portable video player onto a monitor, people STILL trying to figure out how I did it. Ran it on loop for over a week steady, no issues, no over heating.
    Great little device. If you have a need to convert an hdmi signal to vga with or without sound, this is a very good tool to have.

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