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hdmi to audio Customers Reviews

  • Nifty little upscaler

    posted by snoeg

    It's small and very easy to use. Works as expected. The blue power LED is discrete, but visible through the plastic.
    The power connector is a USB type. However, I don't think a PC's USB port can provide enogh power to this device, so the included wall wart is needed and the case will get warm.Also, the image is rather good, but there is some ghosting. That said, I haven't yet seen a converter that has a better image quality than this one. I suppose it's just one of the things you can't avoid completely.
    This scaler is simple to use and has a pretty good picture quality. If your input is 4:3, the image will get stretched to 16:9.
  • works very well

    posted by Vale22

    rugged metal exterior, very easy to use, plugs and voila, it works correctly, with separate audio output very usefulno need to connect manually because each input or output is perfectly shown in the converter
    to receive the box was badly beatenI needed to connect the tablet with hdmi to a projector with vga input and works perfectlyin the projector can enjoy a very good image quality
    robust, it works correctly, the only downside is that I had to buy new adapter, foulbrood I mean an extra expense
  • Tiny, cheap but performs well

    posted by stefanlindmark

    Simple installation. Comes with wall adapter. Just plug it in. No setup required.The remote comes with the battery installed. Just tear off the seal from the battery lid to start using it.
    Other devices with similar function are much more expensive. I wasn't sure this little device would work but it was so cheap I had to try. Turned out to perform just as advertised.
    I would recommend it to everybody that has a good sound system but lacks the HDMI switching capabilities of a receiver system. It's small cheap, doesn't come with any extras but does exactly what it says.
  • Robust little device

    posted by burito

    VGA out image quality is very good, at least as good as any other VGA source.Audio quality is good too.It takes 5v, you can get cables to take this from a nearby USB port on the device in question.The device is solid, it feels like it's made of very thick plastic, I might be able to step on it and it would be undamaged. It does not rattle, everything is tight.
    This is the current pinnacle of cheap powered ways to get audio out of HDMI.Raspberry Pi users may need to use hdmi_safe=1
    No surprises with this device, it does exactly what it's supposed to do.
  • Very easy and good build quality

    posted by LordRatsBRA

    Very good quality for build construction. Easy to use. Power up this equipment and plug all cables and done. Very simple to convert Apple TV to Datashows to teach lesson.
    No software is needed to install this equipment. Plug-and-Play. Very simple.
    Manufacturer can be this equipment more soft and smaller.

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