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hdmi switch remote Customers Reviews

  • Perfect Solution To Having Too Many HDMI Outputs And Not Enough HDMI Inputs

    posted by LindosPechos

    Excellent quality. Works as designed. Automatic switching is a nice bonus. Included IR extender receiver and remote control is an awesome feature for manual switching.
    This HDMI switch works great. The automatic switching is a great feature. Just turn on one device and it switches to that port, turn on another device and it switches to that port. Simple. The included IR extender receiver and remote was really the selling feature for me. I mounted it just beside the stand of my TV and the HDMI switch in the entertainment center. Hiding the switch itself kept everything really clean. I recorded the remote controls button signals into my universal remote. Now everything works the way I had imagined.
    Great product. I definitely recommend this device to others looking for a simple solution to too many devices and not enough inputs. Good solid design. Just enough features without making it complicated.
  • Excellent product

    posted by AlienDouglas

    Small and well built. Works very well with no noticeable degradation in picture quality. There are not many devices that do HDMI matrix switching at an affordable price. This does!
    Excellent unit
    I am a very happy customer. Get yours today!
  • An very good and small HDMI switch.

    posted by kimme

    An very good and cheap HDMI switch with an European power plug and an small remote control.
    This version has 3 HDMI ports and is the smallest one of the 2 editions. The largest has 5 ports.
    An very good and cheap HDMI switch, which has an power supply that works here in Norway. Remember to purchase the battery is you wish to use the remote. It's not needed as it has an switch on the frontside that does that.
  • Good switch for it's price!

    posted by edseiji1991

    - It's a four door switch.- Doesn't seem to affect quality of the image or audio so far.- It's easy to use really.- Cheap compared to what is out there.
    Most of the TVs nowadays have more than one inputs for HDMI, I have replaced my old TV for a newer model, and since I don't need to use this anymore. But when I did use it, worked just fine.
    Well, if you're looking for a way to expand the number of HDMI ports of your TV this is the way to go.
  • Make life easier

    posted by basipasi

    Build quality seems to be quite good. For the price of it, I didn't think I'd get such a nice gadget.Works like a charm - I have digital TV receiver and Playstation 3 connected to it. If I'm using my receiver and decide to play with Playstation and turn it on, it automatically changes the output to Playstation. Once I turn off the Playstation, it changes the output to digital receiver automatically. It just works just like I want it to work.The remote control is a nice touch and also works like intended.
    If you have an older TV with just one HDMI output and you're in need of two more, this will be perfect.
    For just about 11 bucks, a perfect buy. You can try and buy some more expensive one, but I don't think it would do its job any better than this little device. My highest recommendation.


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