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hdmi switch 1080p Customers Reviews

  • Handy little device

    posted by Cleivik

    Nice price, no need for external power, no loss in picture quality, supports 3D and works well with a Logitech Harmony Touch!
    The Hdmi switch won't automatically change input so you have to use the remote that belongs to the switch or manually us the switch button for input changes. But if you have a universal remote that supports makros like a Logitech Harmony Touch you can set up an activity to change input when you activate your device.
    If you need a good and sturdy HDMI switch this is a good choice!
  • Excellent

    posted by jonathannlepage

    Works very well. I got a XBox 360, a PS3, a Wii U, a Raspberry Pi et my TV box plugged on it and everything works perfectly.The remote works well too.
    I don't know why their is a DC plug on it, everything works fine without it.
    If your TV as few HDMI ports and you have a lot of devices, go for it !
  • Good for a HDMI switch

    posted by Lollerkopter

    Simple little magic box, working perfectly.Just connect the switch and other HDMI devices (TV, blu-ray player, gaming console) via HDMI cables, and the switch automatically selects the device turned on.If you have more than two devices turned on, you have manually select the prefered device by pressing the button.
    If you have two turned on devices only at the same time, the switch working automatically. More powered devices require manual intervention.
    If you hate replacing the cable between devices, buy this little black box, and never have to worry about it.
  • Really good HDMI matrix, but...

    posted by agmagm

    Real matrix, allows selection of source for each HDMI display separatly and transfers different signals in parallel . In my case I use it with TV and Projector, using PS3 and SatReciever as sources. Excellent quality, great look. No more need for gymnastic exercises crossing cables.This one was my dream for some time, I didn't expect to find it on DX.
    Could be provided with couple of HDMI cables as you need at least two more for connection of sources and displays to the box.
    Good product, but consider IR control system may intersect with ones of other devices and be ready to see blank screens for couple of second while you select source for either output channel.
  • Nice upgrade for single input devices

    posted by bjorne

    Its small
    Its relatively cheap
    It works!
    No need for external power
    Not super-bright annoying LEDs
    Only has a button to cycle trough inputs, not dedicated select buttons for each input - makes hacking remote control more dificult.
    Contains a PI3HDMI chip with datasheets readily available for the curious ones.
    Had to work around the select button that cycles though inputs, but with help of the led's that indicate which source is selected its possible to hack a pc-remote control.


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