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hdmi switch 1080p Customers Reviews

  • HDMI switch with automatic input select

    posted by FritzelK

    Great small device,which can be put away behind the door of your furniture, because it's being shipped with an "infrared-eye" on a cable. The eye is being placed in sight and catches the infrared beam of the small remote, which then passes it through to the device. Handy.The device also automatically switches to the last activated input and switches back to the initial one, when the last activated device is turned off.
    Buttons of the remote are hard to find in darkness.
    Nice device, sadly there isn't an adapter included in the box and the remote only work within a certain range.
  • Good, Low-Cost Solution for HDMI Devices

    posted by Vinman

    It works as advertised, and switches between up to 3 HDMI devices.
    Both auto and manual switching - turning on a HDMI device automatically switches the active slot to the active hardware.
    Small and light, takes up virtually no space.
    Full 1080p support, have Blu-ray, HD-DVD and WDTV hooked up to one switcher and all players work perfectly at 1080p and switch seamlessly.
    For the price, this is an excellent value, assuming you know the pros and cons going in. Everything works as advertised, and having an auto-switch at this price is amazing, but there are some definite negatives in terms of usability and design.
    Overall, I am very pleased with this HDMI switch, especially now that I have had first-hand experience with it and know what to expect. As I continue to add HDMI HD-DVD, WDTV, Blu-ray and HTIB units to my setups, I have added one to 2 out of 3 of my HDTVs, and plan to buy one for the third.
    Much cheaper than buying brand new TVs.
  • cheap and well working

    posted by Chieff

    This device is cheap and well working.Very small size and cool black color.
    I set up a switching device to your main programmable remote and not using a standard remote control.
    I burned out HDMI ports on my TV except one. This HDMI switch has solving my problem.Must Have if you have not enough HDMI ports on your TV.
  • Excellent

    posted by jonathannlepage

    Works very well. I got a XBox 360, a PS3, a Wii U, a Raspberry Pi et my TV box plugged on it and everything works perfectly.The remote works well too.
    I don't know why their is a DC plug on it, everything works fine without it.
    If your TV as few HDMI ports and you have a lot of devices, go for it !
  • Plug and play

    posted by pirrihiiri

    The intelligent system works unbelieveable well! The box simply knows which device You are using and You don't need to choose the port manually.
    I have only one HDMI port in my tv. I used to crawl under my tv stand and change the wires after playing PS3 or watching TV by my HD-digibox. No anymore! I can just sit back, relax and let the swich do the job! People have written some neg feedback about too bright led lights. Well I have put this switch behind my TV since it works on it's own and the leds won't bother me at all!
    Cheap and does the trick!


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