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hdmi male to male Customers Reviews

  • At least the solution

    posted by Froggle2

    Various types of HDMI converters. Always a solution if you need something between your HDMI hardware.
    Using it for my HDMI switch (bi-directional) to extend my MacBook Pro with 2 screens, what I can switch between. You can see the user-pictures how I have solved this problem. That bi-directional switch is by the way from eBay. Hard to get in Europe.
    If you need to work with many HDMI cables, this is an must have. Give you possibilities, for example a little bit too short cable or straight corners.
  • Very good HDMI cable

    posted by Brenerj

    I really like this HDMI cable.The size of the cable is very good.I like the format of the cable, not being spherical, but flat. I think this make the cable more beautiful and easy to store. It came with a box, very good to store if you do not use all the time, like me.It support 1080p. The image is very beautiful. I think the image was more defined is this one than to others cables in 1080p.
    I didn’t test the Ethernet, because I don’t have a TV that access internet, but I believe that would work.I didn’t test the 2k either, because again a don’t have a TV for that.
    I think its a good call, if you are looking for a good HDMI cable.
  • Good cable, really works.

    posted by AlehandraG

    Good quality cable, work the first time, with my Samsung 32-inch Android tablet mid. Rather rigid connectors, the original braid. Expect more from the cable and nothing.More pleased that the monitor cable had plastic plugs that prevent inadvertent damage to the contacts.
    I'm fine.Will not work worse than proprietary cable to your device.
    Good cable at a good price.
  • Cheap, but can' really use it...

    posted by DexterP

    I bought that to be able to connect my phone to a TV. That worked !° - The cable works.° - It "looks" like its gold plated.° - Price is cheap !
    The 2 times I tried the cable was on an HDTV and I could not manipulate the phone normally : the cable kept disconnecting. This would probably serve a Movie-Watching purpose, instead of a show-and-tell purpose.
    If you have some kind of a DeskStand, or need it only to stay put, then this is for you !If you need it to like : search and show stuff to people, and manipulate the phone : Dont !
  • Good product.

    posted by LittleJacob

    The cable shows a good quality, is recoverd with something like a string what makes it resistant.One end has a the connector bended, what is really usefully for have it connected to the TV.Image and sound quality is perfect.
    I'm using it for connect my laptop to a TV and i'm very happy with this purchase.It's really cheap, in Spain a HDMI cable it's a lot of more expensive than this.
    Reccomendable purchase for playing your movies or series in a near HD TV from your computer.


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