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hdmi male to male gold plated

You'll find the best hdmi male to male gold plated for you here. As your loyal companion, you'll find thousands of cool gadgets here at DX. We recommend hdmi male to hdmi male, micro hdmi female to hdmi male as hot products. Rest assured by shopping at dx.com.
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hdmi male to male gold plated Customers Reviews

  • Excellent HDMI cable!

    posted by vrcosta

    Excellent HDMI cable! Solid construction, finishing and good works perfeitmente the notebook and the Xbox 360 and other devices.PT-BRExcelente cabo HDMI! Construção sólida, acabamento bom e funciona perfeitmente no notebook e no Xbox 360 e em outros equipamentos.
    Excelente Cable! Excelente Cable! Excelente Cable! Excelente Cable!
    Excelente Cable! Excelente Cable! Excelente Cable! Excelente Cable!
  • Great!

    posted by marcosdemori

    Very good cost perforce, build from good materials including gold plated connectors, the performance at 1080p seems very good, no interference was observed even when it was run through bundle of other mixed cables of power and high speed data, and the cost is only only $5 with shipping.
    You have to buy this thing... It's great for an incredible low price!!
    Great for it's price and does the job of passing full high definition HDMI 1080p video and audio.
  • The better cable I found

    posted by vliopard

    This cable is good lenght and is cheaper. Works perfectly on my notebook and TV. Excelent build quality and reliable. I bought two since it is very useful to connect either notebook or xbox on TV.This is really a good cable. I enjoyed it!
    This cable is always on my bag, together my notebook. I like to play movies on TV using my notebook player.
    Since it is a cheap product it is wonderful due to it works perfectly with no problems! Really Amazing!
  • Nice built and works!

    posted by fausito

    Works nicely, cheap, good built. The cable protection make it feel sturdy, and is long enough. It's a quite hard cable, so think that if you store it rolled will be hard to straight it when using.
    In Spain this cable is hard to find, and not cheap at all (about 18 euros for a shorter one).
    Works great for my tablet (BQ Kepler), I can watch HD movies in my LCD. Haven't tried in other device.
  • It does the job

    posted by dexbarrett

    Didn't have any connectivity issues. Just plugged and sent the image to the external monitor. Image looks good; no weird color or anything.
    Shipping to México takes a while but it worths it since it's free without any minimum buy amount.
    A really good deal if you're looking for a good and cheap cable but you don't need it right away, since it may take a while to arrive.

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