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hdmi male female Customers Reviews

  • Advisable tool

    posted by tkimitkiy

    - great for connecting your HDMI device to VGA monitors- small- black- elegant
    - the price is really not the lowest, but it's worth every penny
    It's small, it's not so expensive after all it does, it's elegant and it's black (yeah - I like black stuff). I bought it to connect my nettop (Pegatron) throught HDMI port (the only one possible) to my old TFT VGA display (Schneider - nowadays Toshiba) and it works great. Thanks for saving my day. In CZ you can barely find any HDMI->VGA converter (at least not in this price-rate).
  • It works does it's job well I might add

    posted by bjmmaas

    I ordered it and expected to get a cable in a ** plastic bag. I was wrong. I got a nice looking sealed package (reminded me a bit of apple's earbud packaging)Works properly and have not had any problems with it so far. I used it for over 100 hours now.Can't work without it anymore. It's also pretty small, which is good of course.
    It actually looks really nice. Nice shiny black
    If you are looking for a Display port male to hdmi female this is a great option. It's cheap, looks good and works.
  • Good HDMI for 3D video and gaming

    posted by Tau34RUS

    Nice finishing, good cable size and works as expected. Works with sound and 3D video. I was afraid to get bad image qualaty, but it works as designed with 3D Movies.
    I use it to extend a little other HDMI cable for my TV. I don't know if was cable or my PC, but with old cable I got lags for few miliseconds when was using it for gaming. It comes with in protective plastic package.
    I totally recommend it. Good buy for such price.
  • Converts Digital to Analog

    posted by musicdiary

    With the HDMI to VGA adapter, I am able to use my Lenovo Yoga with projector that supports only VGA input. Connection is fast. Once I plug in, the computer detects and the secondary monitor displays the content.
    The design is identical to the Apple adapter. Personally, I am a black gadget person, not a white gadget person. There are other SKU but since this is marked as Staff Pick, I decided to get this instead of a cheaper SKU.
    It's very value for money. An original Lenovo HDMI to VGA converter costs $30-40. Here, I get it for less than half price. It's amazing!
  • Feels flimsy but works well

    posted by jawa12083

    I was really surprised that the device can turn in so many different ways - the picture didn't really show this well. But there are essentially 3 parts - the top box the swivels 360 degrees, and the bending part that allows the adapter to be from 0 to 90 degrees. It's really useful for being able to position the device, in my case a Blackberry Playbook, practically anywhere I want.All ports fit quite snugly, with the full sized HDMI being slightly hard to use. Some may see this is bad, but for me it means that the adapter is connected well.
    The device performs as advertised, it is slightly too long in my personal opinion (6.4cm, or longer than a conventional pen cap by quite an amount).There was however some bad pixels on the screen, however I cannot attest to whether that is a fault of this adapter, my output device, my display, or my HDMI cable.
    Like everything on dealextreme, you get what you pay for, and because the demand for this device may not be as high as others, it's priced more than just a dollar or two.


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