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hdmi male 5m

You will be surprised our best hdmi male 5m with an artful design and an amazing price. Our customer service team will repond promptly to your questions, making your shopping experience stress free and easier. Your support is our greatest motivation.

hdmi male 5m Customers Reviews

  • A Must buy

    posted by tenis_viejos

    Great build, excellent quality. The materials and the finish is really good.//El cable es muy bueno, los materiales y el acabado es buenísimo.
    This cable is excellent. //Este cable es excelente.
    A must buy if you wanna plug your laptop from your bed to your TV.//Si usas tu portátil desde la cama y lo quieres conectar al TV, es una solución ideal si tu cuarto no es muy grande.
  • It works solid

    posted by Garmt77

    This cable is pretty sturdy; it's got mesh around the cable making sure it doesn't snag on things. It's not as slim as some other cables but I'd be happier to use this one than a cheaper one.
    I ordered three HDMI cables from DealExtreme in separate sessions; this cable is the only one that continued to work after the first month.
    I'd buy this one, it looks good and works perfectly. What else do you need in a cable :)
  • It does it's job

    posted by BlackCrusader

    Very sturdy design, good for places where the cable is in danger of being damaged.The pins look sturdy as well, and I tested the signal which has minimal interferences (caused by other near high voltage cables) Which are nonexistent for basic usage. (HDMI or DVI input output)
    I have a rodent running around my house (a pet rabbit) and he managed to bite off many cables. Of course he tried this one as well, but only managed to damage it a little.
    Does it's job.Sturdy design.
  • Gerat gong flat flexible HDMI cable

    posted by thenatureboy

    This is a good deal. You get a stirdy HDMI cable for low cost. It is flat and very flexable so it is easy to hook ut to almost anything.The quality of the cable is great and the connectors are solid and not to big so they fit in tight HDMI slots.
    I use this as a conector from my laptop to my led tv. It lays from the tv down to the floor, under a carpet and comes up at my table into my pc.This works and looks great. I step on the carpet the cable is laying under every day and this has no effect on it.
    Buy this here on DX.com and save cash in stead of paying three times the cost in you're local hardware store.
  • high quality

    posted by Lucask

    Great cable. Looks like a very expensive retail cable. Spec is correct, and then some.Even though this cable is spec'd 1.4, 3D works with no issues with my setup. I'm really happy that it works!
    Can't go wrong with this cable. Does the job. I can finally play my games on a 150" wall in 3D via my projector.
    Needed a cable from projector to pc. This one fit the requirements and was at a great price point.

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