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hdmi gold 1080p v1.4

Purchase the latest hdmi gold 1080p v1.4 with wonderful pricing Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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hdmi gold 1080p v1.4 Customers Reviews

  • The best cable you can own!

    posted by Galaxy93

    THE PRICE! Where can you get such a high quality cable for this price? I've been using it since 2011 and it's still working without any glitches or problems whatsoever! The picture quality is exactly as it should be (and there is no difference in quality between this cable and any other 100$+ HDMI cable). The woven metal wire is also a great feature as you can't damage the cable at all (I dropped heavy objects several times directly on it and it kept working for years later!).
    Overall? Very satisfied with this purchase!
    Do you need a high quality 10m HDMI cable? If yes, you have to buy this one! Lovin' it since day 1 (and that was more than 3 years ago!)
  • Good quality for the price.

    posted by kwongfei

    Cheap. It works for what I need which is transmitting video and audio to my 46" TV in HD mode.
    Typically I don't think we need super high quality transmission as we cannot differentiate the slight deterioration and to achieve super high quality, all the rest of the equipment need to be of tip top quality - i.e. media, player, TV, sound system.
    Worth the money and good enough for normal typical users.
  • Good product with excelente price

    posted by jomasara

    The length of cable is an important pro for this product. Sometimes you need conect any and is not possible to do near one to other. The V1.4 assure good video quality on resolution and speed without cuts.
    Very ductil and easy to use. The connections are solid and don´t have problem whit them. The video speed is nice and not cuts on then. Is a nice option
    The solve a lot of problems at home. Nice price, nice product and nice seller
  • Great value and quality

    posted by stoinov

    Very cheap and also durable.I cannot see any noticeable difference between this cable and my other ones - it's just the same.the length is exactly as I need it - no more winded cable behind the tv.
    I haven't tested any 3D capabilities but HD pass well.
    I highly suggest this cable for everyone that needs to have minimal length connection between HDMI devices.
  • Best HDMI cable on DX

    posted by VBrake

    Excellent quality, probably the thickiest HDMI cable you'll find on DX, it feels really sturdy compared to others I bought here. And it's future proof, being able to show a 2160p resolution with 3D and ethernet. This one's got 5m, perfect if you use it for projections(like me) and want it hidden on the walls.
    Buy it if you need a longer cable for large rooms or projection rooms. If not, stick with the 3m or less.

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