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hdmi converter Customers Reviews

  • Good One

    posted by gpashok

    Cool stuff. I got this to use it along with my Android Tablet, it works well. I use this to connect my 22 inch LCD Monitor (no HDMI in it). Built quality is OK.
    Audio is stereo only. It will be nice to have digital coaxial or optical output might have provided the possibilities to make use of all sound tracks.
    Its worth a buy. Price point is also decent. I definitely recommend this product.
  • Good product, some caveats

    posted by Nocturna

    Good solid build, it's a US plug only, so order a US to EU converter plug on here if you're from Europe.
    Product works as described, vga in, hdmi out. Simple as that. Haven't used the audio bit since I loop the sound directly from the pc to a DAC to my receiver. It'll convert more resolutions then mentioned on the box, though some resolutions will just muck the image up.
    Nice product, works as advertised but as usual: don't expect miracles
  • Decent product!

    posted by mhanzer

    Easy to setupGood conversion
    I notice there is a small spaced consumed in my left screen. Meaning, the start button in windows 7 is not displayed well. Only 3/4 is shown. I also think that maybe this is because of my computer setting.Also, be sure that you play around your settings in the computer. In windows 7, right click on desktop then detect the source on VGA. I thought that the product is defected at start because it is not working. Only I realized that I have to tweak the settings. Remember this because this is very important.
    Overall, great product with minor flaws. I highly recommend this for the price and quality.
  • pretty good

    posted by ptorres82

    Converts 2d to 3d like the old 3d movies. Also converst to side by side 3d picture. the glasses are great. the unit is small and simple. only two buttons on unit to worry about. input and output. The glasses don't bug out the eyes so you can wear them much longer then the red/blue glasses.
    this unit should work with a remote so you dont have to get up to change the settings, i feel like I'm back in the 80's with the knob on the tv... lol
    Great if you cannot afford a 3d ready tv and all the additions. Its not like the actual 3d tvs out there but things do get 3d enough to impress the kids and your family/friends.
  • Useful!

    posted by nokonoko

    (NB: This discussion is confined to the YPbPr functionality.)Does what it says on the tin:• Supports a broad range of resolutions, from 480i60 to 576p50 (PAL DVD) all the way up to 1080p.• Outputs stereo audio from HDMI.Apart from that:• Sturdy construction.• Comes with efficient switched-mode power supply.
    Power consumption:• 2.0 W for 480i/p, 576p.• 2.3 W for 720p, 1080i.• 2.7 W for 1080p (‘full HD’).Standby:• Power supply on but not connected to converter: 0 W.• Device when plugged in and idle: 1.5 W (1.8 W if connected by HDMI to another device).The standby power consumption is probably high enough to consider unplugging it when not in use.Perhaps if they had made the converter just a bit more efficient, so as to never exceed 2.5 W, they could have skipped the AC adapter and shipped it with a USB cable instead.The instruction manual claims HDCP 1.3 support (whereas the online description states 1.2) — my use has been with a computer so I haven’t tested this.
    If, like me, you have a perfectly serviceable HD CRT (or perhaps a pre-HDMI plasma) TV lying around, this is exactly what you need to put it to full use.

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