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You can easily find the latest low priced hdmi cable red offered at our online shop. Up to 50%! China's leading online retailer -- DX. iphone hdmi cable or 3m hdmi cable contains many hot and popular products. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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hdmi cable red Customers Reviews

  • Lets you connect your phone to your HDMI Tv

    posted by 2weary

    Great Value, works, lets you display your phones screen on the TV. Works with my Samsung Galaxy S4.
    doesn't come with any instructions , the USB port on the TV did not provide enough power for this to work I had to use my phone charger to power it
    It does the job and the price is good
  • Great for the price

    posted by EvanT

    The cable is a little thin, but that is the great thing about it. It is very flexible and not hard like other types of HDMI cables. I haven't noticed anything interference with it yet, not sure if it is shielded.
    Great to use, not sure if there will be interference later but for the price its awesome.
    I'm going to buy a couple more. Its actually great to use so far, and it is long enough for the type of usage I am using it for.
  • Save space, buy the right cable!

    posted by Kangerm00se

    Very decent build quality for this price.
    Normally when you want to connect your computer with DVI-outputs to a television you require a DVI to HDMI adapter, and a HDMI cable. This has however some disadvantages: you need a lot of space behind the computer, and it's also easy to damage the DVI to HDMI adapter, the cable, or even worse: the video card of the computer due to accidentally hitting this very long extension. With a DVI to HDMI cable you avoid this problem.
    My local shop asks at least three times as much for the same cable!
  • Seems like a good cable.

    posted by Extremdeals32

    Just got the cable and plugged it in, it works so all is good.The cable including connectors is 153cm long so the stated 150cm is spot on.Look and feel of the cable and connectors is good and the connectors seems to fit very well, no loose connections.The woven net around the cable gives it a nice look if youre in to that and it goes all the way inside the connectors so I do not think it will come loose.Cable is flexible so running it through tight corners should be possible without to much hassle.
    HDMI connector is ~22mm wide, good to know if you need to run it throuht some small hole.
    If you need this kind of cable then buy it.
  • I don't regret the purchase

    posted by jacktalking

    There is lot of confusion regarding MHL and Samsung. I tried this, and my piece worked only with Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300), but NOT with Galaxy S4 and NOT with Galaxy S3 mini. Again, NOT SGS4, NOT SGS3 mini. Didn't tried with other types.The original Samsung MHL cable comes only with microUSB to HDMI cable, with a hole for charger. The price is 3 times higher at this moment. The piece from DX is a microUSB (MHL) to HDMI with USB male cable. So you don't need to search for a charger, you just plug the USB into your TV, PC or whatever you intend to use it in.It transfers audio and video.In comparison to the original microUSB cable, the quality here is much higher.
    Your phone screen has to be ON. Otherwise it won't work.
    You can't find cheaper MHL cable for SGS3 WITH charging in same quality.

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