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hdmi cable gold shield

You'll find the best hdmi cable gold shield for you here. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Find more hot gadgets at gold plated hdmi cable and samsung galaxy hdmi cable. What are you waiting for? Buy now!
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hdmi cable gold shield Customers Reviews

  • Took a chance, and it worked for me

    posted by roebeet

    - Simple installation
    - Works exactly as expected
    - Clear picture, no flickering (at least for my setup)
    I've read the other reviews, so I was wary about this purchase. I have a Samsung LN52A550 (52" LCD), which also has a DVD player and Wii attached. This HDMI cable was for my cable box (FIOS), and I haven't had any issues, so far. Screen is crisp and no flickering.
    Good bang for the buck, assuming you get a cable that works (which was the case, for me).
  • It works

    posted by MarCX9

    + It works, which is great because buying a faulty product on the internet always leads to much annoyance, especially when the CS is a bit slow like here on DX.+ The cable looks solid and strong, not like those flimsy cheap cables you can get in cheap stores.
    DX is a nice site, things like these cables are always cheap here, and sometimes even 10 times cheaper than in local stores.
    If you need an HDMI cable, buy this one or another one on DX.
  • Great Cable

    posted by andrewtjs

    Cable feels pretty sturdy.It's pretty cheap (my local shop sells it for more than 5 times the price).
    I use the cable to connect my NVIDIA graphics card to the TV.As mentioned above, the cable is pretty cheap (at least to me). For some reason, mini HDMI cables are very much more expensive than standard ones where I am.It's compatible up to HDMI V1.3. I didn't verify this, but you might want to check which specification you require before buying.
    You can get this cable if you need a standard to mini-sized HDMI cable and feel good about it.
  • Cape very well built.

    posted by rmadeira147

    Cape very well built. Well thick with ferrite filter to inhibit any outside interference. To make it even turns a bit costly due to be thick and strong. I bought a Player to connect the room to room and is working perfectly. The size is great for this sort of thing. I was really surprised with the quality of this cable. The price is also good, taking into account size om 5m.
    It just is not very discreet, which owns the painting. But I also liked that it was easy to identify him.
    Very Good!
  • Very good product for that price!

    posted by sdalmatin

    Very good product! And for that price, almost unbelievable!Well done, useful, and works perfectly! A must have if you have any device with this kind of usb!
    Very nice, good, and cheap. A very good oportunity! Don't miss it! You won't regret it!
    Very good product and a very good price!!! Usfeul and practical!! If you need it... don't doubt! Just buy it!

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