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hdmi cable gold flat

This is our best hdmi cable gold flat, they all share a great design and great prices. DX is the leading electronic products provider in the world where millions of people shop daily. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.

hdmi cable gold flat Customers Reviews

  • High quality cable !

    posted by Phuncz

    - very high quality cable sleeving
    - heavy, high quality solid HDMI connectors
    - flat cable type is nice because it bends better in some situations
    - supports the latest version of HDMI, namely v1.4
    - ideal length for most uses
    Basially this is just a very good HDMI cable, if you are looking for a very nice v1.4 HDMI cable, look no further ! The HDMI cable works with my desktop computer and full HD LCD TV screen without any problems, RGB 4:4:4 color space was selectable and gave no noticeable graphic annomalies, it just works like described !
  • Superb

    posted by yonah

    Excellent quality; Instant recognition of superior sound compared to cheap cables, and not only to bass, but highs are especially beautiful. Video is also superb.
    It's massive, weighty and a bit hard to handle, but that's because it's thick and flat. I ordered 1.2m long(according to specifications) but it's 1.4m. I don't complain about that, just a thought. I haven't tested 3D yet because I bought 3D TV recently and don't have glasses yet. If you'll not use it with full HD content I suggest buying cheap one because this cable brings out not only the best but the worst too.
    The best HDMI cable that I have and used (and the most expensive) and I'm considering another purchase.
  • Works with most gear

    posted by pss2010

    Nice quality easy to roll up and roll outworked with tv and dvr
    If want to use this cable with Tabletthen grab this box to connect Tablet to port 1 and then the 10m cable to the output port to boost the signal then works great.. in fact can do the same for any gear with a weaker signalhttp://www.dx.com/p/720833-hdmi-in to 1 outputalthough its really meant to swithc between devices near the tv is can be used to join gear far away to send a stronger signal to other side of room
    Worth the price
  • Good cable, buy.

    posted by kookraap

    This is an excellent quality HDMI cable. It comes in a zip-lock bag and is supplied those little white plastic plug covers. I don't know why, though. I don't really know what to do with them other than throw them out.They are flat cables, which I found easy to route through the tangled mess I have.They are printed with "HDMI Cable with Ethernet" on them. I couldn't test the Ethernet part.I bought a batch of different colour cables so I can tell things apart in the massive mess that is my a/v setup -- this one is for my AppleTV.
    Buying different coloured HDMI cables makes your life easier. I recommend it to everyone.
  • It's good

    posted by Tssss

    No interference for that long with blue ray video. it's doesn't look cheap!I use it with my MSI ATI Radeon 6850 overclocked video card. You can use wireless keyboard and mouse at 12 meters with that cable and play video games! Cable realy good for video games on TV.I connect my mediacenter with it.
    it's good hdmi cable without problems with screen
    its good for connect computer with tv, and good hidding with that long.


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