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hdmi cable 1080p 3m

Welcome to our hdmi cable 1080p 3m online shop. DX has an excellent returns and exchange policy to protect our customer's rights, providing a secure shopping environment. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

hdmi cable 1080p 3m Customers Reviews

  • 3M HDMI Cable for 5 bucks is a worthy buy

    posted by HeyEww

    How cheap can it get?With free shipping and tracking number, it got to me in 2 weeks. The product itself is decent. Works as well as my other cable that cost me 3 to 4 times more.3M is definitely long enough for me. From my laptop on my coffee table to the TV.
    The connection problem is also apparent with the other cable I bought on DX. I could be the only one who has this issue.
    The products here are cheap, as always. So you would not have to worry if things don't work and you have to send it back for a refund or exchange. Chances of malfunction gadgets are low.Chinese products are not that bad after all. Sometimes people have to change this perception on China made goods (for electronics at least).I would recommend this to my buddy who is also looking for cheap cables.
  • Very nice cable

    posted by Fossalta

    - Very good quality- Excellent price (they sell for like 25 euro's here)- It's black =)- Gold plated connectors- Ferrite chokes on both sides- Plastic covers for the connectors- Picture quality does not degrade, even at 1080p
    - Comes in a plastic bag- Nothing else... it's a cable =)- Consider sku 41282 if you need the cable to go left, right, up or down (depending on device), because the connector can stick out a bit
    Excellent HDMI cable for the right price.
  • Very Good Cable

    posted by flybynet

    The cable is of excellent quality, good finish, strong, packaging is also very good and quality, and has a great price, what attracted me to purchase. I'm using the cable on my 3D TV and everything is working fine. I also used with my PS3 and it worked normally. I recommend CABLE, REALLY IS VERY GOOD AND USUAL.
    the cable is ready to transmit the new market which resolutions are 4k. Thus it is superior to other similar competitors
  • Great build but 1080p is not without issues.

    posted by Saiyajin

    This cable has great build quality for the price. It just like on the pictures. Nice.
    I don't really miss anything here at this point. It has gold plugs too, no too fancy design. What more can you ask? It comes in a clear plastic bag.
    I've read that some HDMI cables might having issues tranfering high resolutions over long distances. Normally it shouldn't be any case for cables under 15m. Unfortunately now I can't seem to get any picture with this cable with no highter than 1280x1024. It's not broken because when I lower the res. the picture comes back. Somehow this cable won't bring me stable Full HD. :/
    Can't say if I'm just unlucky here. Somehow it can't really handle Full HD as promised above and this even only for 3 meters. Shame. Still 3 meters was just about too short for me anyway, 10 $ is not big lost either. Build is still very nice. If you don't expect to use Full HD, this still a good cheap cable.
  • Cheap and Long

    posted by kmo9000

    The whole cable feels solid, from the connectors to the thick braided cable.Very long, I use it to connect my computer to my TV from across the room with plenty of length to spare.
    I've had HDMI cables where the connectors would break from the stress of hanging off the side of the TV while plugged in. These have not showed any signs of wear at all, they just work like an HDMI cable should.
    Well for a similar length HDMI cable around here it would be at least three times the price, and would actually be worse quality.There may be cheaper cables on DX, but I can vouch for this one.


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