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  • Useful!

    posted by nokonoko

    (NB: This discussion is confined to the YPbPr functionality.)Does what it says on the tin:• Supports a broad range of resolutions, from 480i60 to 576p50 (PAL DVD) all the way up to 1080p.• Outputs stereo audio from HDMI.Apart from that:• Sturdy construction.• Comes with efficient switched-mode power supply.
    Power consumption:• 2.0 W for 480i/p, 576p.• 2.3 W for 720p, 1080i.• 2.7 W for 1080p (‘full HD’).Standby:• Power supply on but not connected to converter: 0 W.• Device when plugged in and idle: 1.5 W (1.8 W if connected by HDMI to another device).The standby power consumption is probably high enough to consider unplugging it when not in use.Perhaps if they had made the converter just a bit more efficient, so as to never exceed 2.5 W, they could have skipped the AC adapter and shipped it with a USB cable instead.The instruction manual claims HDCP 1.3 support (whereas the online description states 1.2) — my use has been with a computer so I haven’t tested this.
    If, like me, you have a perfectly serviceable HD CRT (or perhaps a pre-HDMI plasma) TV lying around, this is exactly what you need to put it to full use.

    posted by nukeon

    High quality video output, it works! and audio jack is very usefull if you need to connect headphones or other audio system.Other pros thing... is small and you can savo on your trousers.HDMI output is the best of this, is faster and i can watch with more quality my games without reduce TV settings options.The best I think is the price, i have found it in other webpages and shop, but i cant find better.
    Can improve the traveling time?And can inform the user about Localizator or email with the pack situation?
    Recommended to buy. Cheap, and working Ok.
  • Great Product

    posted by scontaldi

    It work pretty well and all the cable you need are already on the device. That is a plus as i don't like to carry to many cables.It very easy to use as it's a plug and play device and no driver is needed.
    I tested it with my netbook (eee1005) and tablet pc (HP tx2500) none of them have hdmi.In both cases i needed an extender for the audio.
    It is a little pricey but if you still own a vga only laptop or pc it is well worth it.
  • Extends usefulness of VGA monitors and non-HDMI TV sets

    posted by rndlw1hwjhhdq

    This item allows for TVs and monitors with only a VGA input to accept HDMI, and the resolution is very good. It is also powered so it does not drain your devices. Finally, the converter also converts HDMI sound to your set, but your monitor must have a jack for that to work.
    The cost is a little bit over what I would expect to pay for it (less than $20) but not my much at all.
    Overall, a very useful product and I would recommend every household that has display or TV with a VGA only input to have one around, as this will make it possible to use HDMI only equipment on devices otherwise not compatible. Furthermore, the display and resolution is very good.
  • Exellent buy.

    posted by zxMarce

    This is a "Standard Video to HDMI" adapter, Wii oriented. It just WORKS: Video & audio come out of the TV beautifully.Just plugged it to the Wii and to the TV, selected the HDMI input and it was working.It even has a 3.5mm audio jack to feed audio to headphones, amplifier, etc.
    Bear in mind that the Wii does not put out HD video, just 'standard baseband video' (the kind that you'd handle with a set of 3 RCA connectors), meaning that the device will NOT uplevel the Wii video to HD.The video will be crisper, though, if you use good quality HDMI cables.
    It freed an input of my baseband video switcher.


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