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You can find fashionable hdmi 150cm at a low price. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.

hdmi 150cm Customers Reviews

  • Great HDMI cable

    posted by takmmk

    It is a great cable. Very strong and rigid. I use it to connect my Lenovo X220 and mac book air to my Samsung TV. I use DisplayPort and miniDisplayPort adapters which I also bought on DX.
    The sturdiness of the cable gives you some comfort about it and that the image quality transferred from one device to another will be ok.
    Good cable. It was a good buy. Very happy with it.
  • High Quality, slightly over priced

    posted by Schefflera

    ShieldedGold PlatedHas a Good connection, no interference noticeable.Extra layer of woven nylon? protection outside is comforting though probably unnecessary.
    Exactly what it says it is, works great, I wish HDMI cables had the little screws on either side like VGA or DVI, it feels so flimsy to just have this little plug. Maybe we'll see this in the future but it seems like all plugs are getting flimsier for the sake of being slightly smaller, give me bulky and strong over slim and weak any day.
    It's a good cable, no doubt about that. I would say $4-5 would be a fair price, I think 7.70 is pushing it, almost as much as the box stores actually.
  • This is a cable and it works like one

    posted by teixeirapt

    Very cheap. This is a normal HDMI cable that works as it is suppose to.Have tested it with my raspberry PY.
    Standard HDMI cable. There really isn't much of a difference between HDMI cables, regardless of what you read on the internet about using different materials unless you are using them at great distance, none of it really matters. in any case, these cables are significantly cheaper than what you could ever buy at a brick and mortar location.
    Buy this if you need a HDMI cable. In fact buy one or two extra for when you lose one you dont have to wait for it to arrive or go and buy a more expensive one.
  • Bought it again

    posted by Nocautebr

    It's very cheap and reliable accessories. Great alternative for other more expensive models. Good price, quality seems ok, and it mates perfectly with the official go-pro. It has a plastic cover on both connector.
    Official Gopro Hero accessories would cost about six/eight times more in Brazil. The quality is very near to the original.
    Great price and great quality! buy one or even two! These are great as gifts if you know a gopro owner!
  • Great for the price

    posted by EvanT

    The cable is a little thin, but that is the great thing about it. It is very flexible and not hard like other types of HDMI cables. I haven't noticed anything interference with it yet, not sure if it is shielded.
    Great to use, not sure if there will be interference later but for the price its awesome.
    I'm going to buy a couple more. Its actually great to use so far, and it is long enough for the type of usage I am using it for.


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