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hdd sata converter

This is our best hdd sata converter, they all share a great design and great prices. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Customers can also browse sata hdd adapter or hdd drive sata to find their desired products. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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hdd sata converter Customers Reviews

  • Very Usefull Tool

    posted by carbafx

    The packaging is quite good. It came with a mini-CD with drivers. Easy to use and understand how it works.It was tested with Notebook HDD Sata and IDE.It works like a chamr when your computer crashes and you need to do a Backup of the drive.
    It is a good purchase for the right price.It tooks 23 days to arrive into Argentina.
    Nice tool for computer technicians, that need to perform backups from customers PC and notebooks.It works with SATA2, IDE 3.5", IDE (NB).For PC disk (3.5") the power needs to be used, for the NB disk, only with USB can work
  • Good product

    posted by Fedrik

    It does what it supposes to do. The reason I bought it is to check up my extra netbook ASA HD I had some problems with so I needed to format and check the functionality. The adapter works like a pendrive with 2 USB connectors as one works as the AC connector and the other one to transfer the data.
    It is a very useful tool and does what it supposes to do. Here in my country (Argentina) same product costs no less than 40 dollars so from that point of view it is a very good buying.
    If you need to backup information from an ASA HD this is the tool you need to read the information like a pendrive; otherwise you will expend too much on a technician.
  • Works well, capable of at least 45MBps reads

    posted by Boozer

    Tested this with a 233x RiData CF card - Linux hdparm -t showed consistent 45MBps reads - most likely limited by the card itself. Was able to boot Ubuntu off the card etc. Build quality seems quite good. Very happy.
    Be careful inserting CF card - easy to misalign and bend the tiny pins. If you want to boot Windows off of this do your research - by default it won't work with most CF cards. There are utilities that may be able to help if you want to boot Windows off this. Works great with Linux without doing anything special. Don't expect high-end-SSD speeds or longevity, but great for a small server where you mostly just use the CF for booting and don't write to it much.
    I was worried this might not have great throughput (some SATA-to-ATA converters have terrible throughput and thought this might use one of those chips), but it went at full speed (sequential reads) with the fastest CF card I currently have. If you need solid-state storage that you'll mostly read from and want good speeds, this seems like a good choice.


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