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hdd 2.5 sata

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase hdd 2.5 sata here and you can save money at the same time. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Find more hot gadgets at hdd sata 2 and sata hdd enclosure. Join us and enjoy the best discounts around.
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hdd 2.5 sata Customers Reviews

  • Good Value

    posted by KCKSEA

    1. The case has very fine furnishing. 2. Definitely does look more than it is worth. 3. After assembly, the casing has a very high quality look. 4. The included USB cable is useful and strong. 5. The casing can be assembled without referring any instructions. 6. They snapped into individual parts nicely
    A very good buy and definitely worth the price.
  • buy the other one that looks the same

    posted by mainline

    They still work but a better product for a few more cents is the choice u should make.
    Buy the other sku, with these I had to pull and repossition the PCB on EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!!
  • Great purchase

    posted by Magnus1990P

    Works like a charm. Unscrew your hard drive and mount it, then you can wipe the whole thing, back it up or do forensics if thats needed.Mount several HDDs and you can copy the contents betweend HDDs or use the "button", but I chose the first option since it is more controllable.Has IDE support for old disks.Works automatically with MacBook Pro.
    Great purchase and is reccomended
  • this is a very usefull item

    posted by sandrocosta2009

    It´s a very good adapter. I tried to connect 2 hard drive sata 2.5" e works fine.
    I tried use with a sata 3.5 e don´t work. later i find: needs external force.
    just pluag an play
    I had wait 45 days, but it´s here, and it´s good
    This item it´s very good, with good material and strong cable.
    If you want connect a hard drive to your note book, go ahead.
  • Not USB 3.0

    posted by littlegiant

    Build quality is good. Easy to install. Aluminium casing is good for heat dissipation.Really cheap.
    Edges of the casing is sharp. I smoothened the edges slightly with a fine sand paper.
    You buy this HDD external case for the build quality but don't expect blazing HDD performance out of it. This is only slightly faster than most USB2.0 HDD enclosure.

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