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  • Great use, tricky manual.

    posted by snout

    Very easy to use once you learn how to manage the menus, since the manual basically says how to plug it in for charging and comes with a list of specifications on the back of the box. Small, self-contained unit, no loose parts to keep track of. Uses standard microSD card, can be USB drive or webcam via the USB cable (supplied.) Has digital zoom, and a _very_ high res tiny screen that you can see just about anything on.
    Things of note:* Uses microSD cards, NOT 'TF' as the box specs says.* You need to learn the menus yourself, but it comes set to English and has six buttons, so.. doesn't take more than five minutes.* Can start-stop recording with the OK button while turned on, it doesn't -have- to constantly record (though it can) while it has power.* Charges via standard mini-USB cable, supplied.
    Well worth the price! I like it.If you're going to use it as a shouldercam or similar, remember to fix it well to steady it because it is so light, it only weighs _grams_. Then again it comes with a suction cup mount for cars, which is its intended use. Nice 12 IR-LEDs, 6 on each side of the camera.
  • Very good price for a very special binoculars

    posted by Ave01

    They are very cheap binoculars for their size and technical characteristics. Include support for placement on a tripod. It also includes a protective pouch, and protective covers for the front and rear lenses, plus a small piece of cloth to clean the lenses. They are lightweight for its size. The feel non-slip rubber. They can be used for astronomy (although protection is ruby ??red). Use BAK-4 prisms type, which are the best, since the optical properties of glass BAK-4 are well above the BK-7, minimize internal light scattering, producing crisp, clear images. The 4mm exit pupil diameter is the perfect size for me.
    The package includes support for placement on a tripod and also includes a strap to wear them around their necks. They are very heavy for its size. They are useful especially for amateur astronomers who do not want to spend much money on a product of very high quality. The images are stunning.
    I recommend the purchase. After collimation the images are spectacular. The price is also great.
  • Very small, very nice!

    posted by tsaiyuen

    It´s really really small camera! Just what I was looking for… in fact is smaller than I thought! The video quality seems to be ok, also the photos. The nightvision really works!! I´m going to try it in some show or something =) (I fact I bought the camera to record some videos during my gigs!)It seems to be easy to work with.Mine came with the USB cable and a wristlet. It´s perfect to use as spy camera. (you will only need to put something in the light. They are very strong)
    I bought to use in gigs, but i´m thinking about use it as spy camera in my car, once that there is nightvision.It seems to be a very good camera =)
    Buy it =)
  • Mine was faulty, but not so good anyway

    posted by Davescz

    Native resolution seems 720PGood holder - small and you can remove/mount camera by twist 90°Power cable very long, enough to mount around front windowNice big display
    Seems this could be good camera, but software is poor, not so much options and freezes.Camera has also light, but I do not think its usefull. Its not IR light, but normal bright light. You cant use white light at night in car, so its useless.In player mode you can see clips yoy made, but mine camera wont play them. There is button "play", but nothing happens.
    Wish you luck your camera wont freeze
  • Battery is dead at 7 months, but cam is good.

    posted by alfelipe

    Very compact camera which operates in under water conditions, comprising white and infrared auto illumination. With motion detector for both photography and video. Duration recording acceptable thanks to polymer battery Lithium-ion 3.7 V 900 mAh.
    I would appreciate someone inform me where to buy the battery to recycle my camera. It really was not bad.
    The weak point is the battery of lithium ion polymer that includes. The camera is really good but the color is not natural, which is common when the sensor can works in IR band.

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