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Finding your favorite hd media player is easy in our product catagories. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. Browse dvd media player or hdmi media player to find what you are looking for. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.
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hd media player Customers Reviews

  • good player

    posted by Witall

    a good player, plays all formats I've tried. HDD 2 Tb normally read.
    Need to buy a more modern chipset, for example, Realtek 1283 or Realtek 1185DD DTV-T
    normal player for the money, though, an old model
  • very useful product.Great price !

    posted by macduck1935

    Great size, versatility. Plays all the file formats I have tried with no stalls or flickers. Easy to move from video to music, photos etc.
    Indicator lights are hard to see.
    Excellent value. Eliminates the need to convert video file formats, plays all I have tried seamlessly. And where could you find a better price ?
  • Value for money

    posted by Yadado

    -Shipping took awhile but still within reasonable time. The wait was worth it.-Product comes in a neatly packed small box.-The media player looks sturdy and solid. It feels heavy but I do see it posing a problem if you decide to "stick" it to the back of your TV. I just place it in front of mine.-Upon powering it up,I though mine was spoilt as there was no picture at all coming out from the HDMI connection. No worries, just push the "HDMI" button on the remote and voila, this player comes to life. The interface was easy to use even without referring to the english manual and in no time, I was already watching movies through this player.-This player is definately value for money considering some of the functions it has - HDMI with 1080p playback, optical audio output.
    So far the player is within my expectation.I will not hesitant to recommend this to anyone looking for media player
    Get this if you are looking for a value for money,no fuss and good quality media player.
  • Good product.

    posted by fabianorocha

    Good picture quality. Works very well with .mkv 1080i and .srt subtitles. No problem using with a external HDD through the USB port. The menus on the screen and the remote control are pretty straightforward.
    It's really small, but I ended up replacing the cumbersome HDMI cable for a thinner one.
    If you are looking for a simple but effective media player, this product is a good choice. I didn't regret the purchase.
  • Works quite well, far better than expected

    posted by MattInSoCal

    - Supports at least a 750 GB hard drive- Plays many different media formats- Comes with all the video cables you need- Saves settings between power disconnects- Can (mostly) be operated from the controls on the unit (see cons)- The menu is pretty good and does not really require a manual to figure out, which is good.- Support for several languages: Traditional and Simplified Chinese, English, Russian, Portugese, Spanish, Korean, Hungarian.
    My unit had two screws that were cross-threaded holding one of the end caps on. I tore the heads up trying to remove them. Lucky for me I was able to find some to replace them, but most people don't have my crazy assortment of hardware.When connecting the unit and powering on the monitor/projector/whatever, if the display doesn't show you may want to repeatedly press the HDMI or CVBS button on the remote. This will cycle through all the settings for that video mode. When you find the right one, stop pressing. Voila!Instead of using the specific selection for Movie, Music, Photo, I choose File. This lets you browse and play any media type on the unit. Otherwise, if you try to play an MP3 while Movie is selected, for example, it will give you an error.As others have written, the remote response can be spotty. It does work pretty well and I rarely am annoyed by it. I'm operating it in my hotel room in Korea right now from a distance of at least 5 meters.
    The absolute best use of this device is as something that you carry with you when you travel (that's how I use mine) and not as an every day at home unit. It lacks some of the features and interfaces of the other media players found on DX but it is a perfect travel companion. I cannot recommend this product more, in spite of the few very minor flaws.

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