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This is our best hd media hdmi, they all share a great design and great prices. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.

hd media hdmi Customers Reviews

  • Seems Great so far!

    posted by dathhu

    I received my DiyoMate S10 today, YAY!I've just begun testing on it, so far it seems very promising.DVD Playback:Plays ordinary DVDs, DVD ISO files and directories with DVD structure all perfectly with all menus etc. I don't have a BD to test, I'll have to see if I can borrow one to try it out.File Formats:It has played everything I've thrown at it: MKV, MP4, AVI, DVD ISO, TS recorded from TV card, MP3, DTS & DD sound etc. I'll have to see if I have some other types to give them a try.Subtitles:So far I've tried SRT and ASS subs that were embedded in an MKV. Both have worked, however the ASS subs lose all their style, formatting, position etc.The colour, size and position of the subs can be changed, however I can't change the font but its alright though, its easily readable.Menus:Already came with English set as the default language. All the menus are laid out in an intuitive manner, all seem to work fairly well. The English seems good, haven't seen any weird translations yet. Speed is good, no major delays when performing operations. Setup options are self explanatory, easy as to set up and use with options for different display resolutions, PAL/NTSC, display frequency.Disk Reading:I've tried my USB portable hard drive. It reads NTFS with no problems. When you browse through the contents it take a second or two to read the file information before you can play the file but you can change files without having to wait. Once its read the info from the file it displays a preview, you can then hit play and watch it fullscreen.If you select a folder with DVD file structure it asks if you want to play the folder, which then plays like a proper DVD with menus etc.It has a copy option which allows you to copy files between USB, SD Card, Network share etc. Haven't tried it out yet but it looks the goods.Playback:There is a slight delay before audio kicks in when you try to play a file, but this just might be my amp trying to work out which format its playing.Video playback is crisp and clear, no dramas there. Fast forwarding, rewinding all works fairly cleanly.Music playback works well enough, it plays through the files in a directory one after another. You can't set up a playlist though, but I haven't tried m3u lists or anything yet to see if they work. I don't know if there is a random option, I haven't looked yet.Network:I haven't tried the networking feature yet, I'll have to hunt up a long enough cable and give it a good test. The manual it comes with says the WIFI dongle needed is USB RTK8187B. I'll have to look that up and maybe see if anyone I know has a USB dongle that I can try out.From the menus, you can set it to use DHCP, or manually enter the IP, Gateway, DNS server etc settings yourself.Once I've found a decent length of cable I'll give it a go and see if it can read my Samba shares on my linux box.
    Overall it seems like a good little unit so far, once I've networked it up it should be great and hopefully if it can read BD as well I'll be extremely happy!
  • Simple and usefull

    posted by hhgtg42a

    1. Connected to 1TB of HDD using USB.Working OK.2. Plays all MKV files.3. Fast forward and rewind works without a hitch.4. Remote operates from odd angle without problem.5. Small and light weight.
    Remote has 'Play' 'Stop' 'FF' 'FR' written on it instead of symbols but its ok.
    Good player overall. Only problem with audio output and the odd remote with all functions in writing instead of symbols.
  • very useful product.Great price !

    posted by macduck1935

    Great size, versatility. Plays all the file formats I have tried with no stalls or flickers. Easy to move from video to music, photos etc.
    Indicator lights are hard to see.
    Excellent value. Eliminates the need to convert video file formats, plays all I have tried seamlessly. And where could you find a better price ?
  • Expensive. But it's almost perfect.

    posted by paulomatsui

    Reads and plays almost ANY video format and codec setting. At least, the 10 most popular ones. : )Both digital AND analogue video outputs available.Amazingly useful and detailed subtitles settings.Can be set up in almost ANY language in the world - with the exception of Swahili.Great audio/video sync and controls to fine-tune out-of-sync subtitles.It understands and reads accented letters (like áàã and ç, brazucas)It remembers the point each movie was stopped and offers to resume from that point on: fantastic!Fast boot, fast controls, fast response from the R/C.Great finishing. Compact, elegant and very sleek.Accepts ANY input: an external USB drive, an internal 2.5" SATA drive and SD card. Again - amazing.
    The list of features and capabilities of this little machine is impressive.Such a shame they wouldn't wrap it up with a functional and beautiful interface design.I mean, the interface IS functional and works - the way it should - but it IS unnecessary cumbersome, raw and ugly.
    I read through many reviews of these players (here on DX and on its competitors) and decided on this one. I do not regret at all - if it wasn't so expensive and with such cumbersome interface design I would buy a couple of more to gift relatives.
  • Great media plaer

    posted by luanci

    Great image and sound.Real 1080p videosWorks great with a 500 GB HDD.It works with internal and external HDD, also supports SD cards, pendrives and flash drives.Has nice looking interface. AV and HDMI cable works great. Very small and lightweight, doesn't requires a lot of space. Supports all popular video, audio and picture formats.
    Very happy with the player
    I will continue buying in DX. Thank you

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