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  • acessório GoPro

    posted by ueda1

    Muito bom para dar aquele aperto a mais no parafuso de fixação da GoPro, evitando assim que ele se mova durante o uso. Por ser de plástico e bem pequeno, posso deixa-lo "pendurado" com um barbante a propria camera, permitindo o aperto e desaperto do parafuso onde quer que esteja. Outra opção é colá-lo diretamente no parafuso.
    Existem outros tipos de chaves de aperto para GoPro... eu mesmo tenho um outro de aluminio, porém é bem maior, mais pesado e nao tem como mante-lo preso a camera... ou seja, preciso carrega-lo comigo caso queira ajustar alguma coisa na camera durante o uso. Como uso a camera para me filmar surfando, é bastante inconveniente ter que levar a chave na bermuda para o mar.
    Vale a compra... poderia ser um pouco mais barato... mas tudo bem
  • Good Product ! Good Price !

    posted by skazen

    It is a telescopic monopod with an adapter for your go pro. Now you can take better pictures of yourself! You can remove the Go-pro connector and use with a regular camera as well.
    Price, it very good, there is no such thing here in Brazil for this price.
    Very good product by reference to the price. Very versatile and useful for different sports activities, highlighting in my opinion, the underwater footage and when we need to reach a target where there is enough space for your arm, or if the approach is a risk is high.
  • Lightweight

    posted by dunantar

    Aluminum makes it really lightweight and durable.You can achieve shots were the shooter is also involved inside the action. This will add another point of view apart from the purely subjective one.
    It gives you many new possibilities to mount you GoPro securely so once it is fixed it will not move
    Perfect for fixing positions to shoot extreme sports when you do not want to attach to the surface.
  • Very useful and portable

    posted by Kozonak

    This is one of the items I always cary with me and the fact that you can fit it inside a small pocket is a really good thing.The battery works well with the camera, even better than the standard ones.US plug but using it in Europe with the adapter. The plug allows me to fold it in and have it compact. The adapter fits inside the battery slot and it all fits inside a small pocket or bag.And with the car charger and small size I can charge my batteries while riding my bike, having it under the seat connected to a 12v plug.
    I recommend getting this as it is very compact and can be fitted under the seat of the bike. The battery has a very good charge time and life time.
  • Awesome Thumb Screw.

    posted by JoelTann

    It is twice the price cheaper as compared to what market are offering. The product are of high quality, and the coloring of the thumb screws are rich in blue as of the picture stated. Been using for more than a month and I still can feel the product has a tough durability.
    Wish it does not comes with the TOZ printing. But it doesn't really bother anyway.
    For the price, it is definitely worth to buy. On the other hand, the original Black thumb screw are too common. Perhaps you can make your GoPro standout as well as easily recognised.

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