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Every single hd camera displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. cmos hd camera, ir camera hd may be more suitable for you. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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hd camera Customers Reviews

  • good camera, missing charger

    posted by dragonsfire

    Tiny camera with a nice cast aluminum body. Takes nice pics and great video.
    Good camera, i would buy another.
    i would buy another, but be warned that it may not come with the power adapter
  • Good quality great grip

    posted by jeremycoppey

    due to the color its easy to spot your GoPro (eg: underwater)good quality screws!and an easy to use opener if the bolts are fixed to hard! (even can be used for the original GoPro bolts)
    If you have lots of accessories buy 2 sets of bolts (i made the mistake of buying one i already have to order new ones!)
    a good descend bolt that does it jobs perfect
  • Very nice for the price

    posted by jmunkki

    - Considering the price, I think the video quality (including the quality of the wide angle optics) is quite good. People are generally blown away when they learn how much it cost.
    - The camera can vibrate (like most cell phones do), allowing operation even when it's too bright to see the LED lights on top of it.
    - It does capture OK audio if you don't need it to be waterproof.
    - You can use the camera as a surveillance tool: it has video & still modes that activate when the sensor image changes and it can automatically delete old photos when the memory card is full.
    - There appear to be several different models of the camera. Some come with IR LEDs, others are with visible light LEDs only. There are 8 LEDs and all of them on mine are white light, which is fine with me, because it also makes the camera work well as a LED flashlight.
    - You'll need a display that can show composite video (NSTC default) to change the settings on the camera and to set the date. If you have a display, it's really easy. If you don't have one, you can't access most of the settings.
    - Highest quality motion JPEG recording results in about 100MB/minute. An 8GB SDHC card will probably hold about 80 minutes.
    - The camera survived my first windsurfing day, but it's too early to say how it will hold up in the long run.
    Here's a link to the first windsurfing video I made today with the camera:
    I'm quite pleased with the camera. The windsurfing footage came out a bit better than I expected based on earlier testing on dry land.
  • Ordered from Singapore! Awesome Product.

    posted by Aje3ks

    Great Canvas cover.Strong built. ( it feels like its made to last )Holds GoPro 3 / 3+ with casing pretty well.
    Might want to add some rings or holders on the outside of the box. Might be useful for other accessories of the GoPro that is not fragile.Would be useful.
    Highly recommended to all GoPro 3/3+ users.CheapQualityAs advertised and even more ( if you can custom the sponge thinggy )
  • Great quality screen protector

    posted by rhianimal

    Quality material, easy to use, looks good on the phone, generally resists scratches and scuffing, does not compromise screen quality, cleans easily, removes easily
    Comes with a way to remove dust from the protection screen before you apply it which is not common. It has a nice smooth texture and feels good to use.
    Best screen protector I have used! You should always protect your screen and this is a great purchase.

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