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hd adapter Customers Reviews

  • Great product

    posted by bsenden

    Great product!
    - fast charging
    - long wire
    - universal micro-USB connector
    - indicator led
    - works great with my LG optimus
    - easy to store (it's small)
    I was looking for a universal micro-USB charger so I decided to buy this one. I tested it in my car and it does what it's supposed to do!
    If the wire is unrolled, it's very long. So I thing this will fit in every car, also cars with a bad located power socket
    Great product, great price!
    Just buy it if you need a universal micro-USB charger for your car!
  • Just fantastic

    posted by GaArHen

    This is just a "must have". If you have a GoPro, you need to make images outside, right?! Ok, one battery is not enough, because they can barely be used for more than 1 hour. So i bought 2 kits and i am very happy.Not to mention that this battery have more mAh (capacity) than the original ones, and the original ones are veeery expensive.
    The price is very good, its not a top of the line product, but is very cheap for the quality.
    Buy it
  • Great!!

    posted by marcfs

    Works perfectly without image latency!!! Only you need is to to plug the wire to the both sides and it works perfectly!!! The image is exactly the same as in your device... if you rotate your device the image on television rotates as well.
    The colours are pretty!!! The wire is long enough... but it still could be longer. It works with a low profile television older than 5 yeras, with no FullHD nor HDReady. It works with Nexus 5... no other devices have been tested.
    Worth it 100% for 15$!!!!
  • Batteries Great, Charger not so much

    posted by TheMarlinSeat

    Batteries work perfectly in a GoPro 3+ and last as long as the GoPro factory batteries for afraction of the price.
    The battery connector on the charger may wear in after some repeated use and provide a better connection. Time will tell.
    Outstanding value!
  • Good cradle, bat charger

    posted by Cucinato

    The cradle is OK, it stands firm on the desktop and I never had any compatibility issue.
    The cable is long enough to place the cradle.
    Maybe the LED is too bright: I use the cradle at my office, so I have no problems, but when used at the bedside, it could be an issue.
    Get it for just the cradle, and double check how the phone it behaves with the charger.

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