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hat cap stylish Customers Reviews

  • interesting purchase

    posted by borusic1

    rather unusual purchase. interesting look. color is good, bright. by weight, does not differ from the usual. material form is not spoiled
    how much will last - question. need a lot of light
    until satisfied. size-fits. visor does not look great
  • Nice Beanie

    posted by AlezBeats

    It's cool, snug, cheap, with a nice desing and pattern, beanie cap, it's made with real wool, and feels comfortable. Looks like digital style.
    It's not the same as the picture, but it match with the description (black - white - gray). Another thing to say is it's a little tight, but it will stretch up with the time.
    Worth buying if you can't find them in your city. It's a good cheap and cool gift, or it's nice just for you for the winter or something.
  • Good product for reasonable price

    posted by adildn

    Good price, fine quality, nice and simple style. Easy to wash, still spots are not visible because of caps grey color, which is quite useful.
    Good to wear in early autumn or middle spring.If your head is too big, may be a problem putting this cap on. So pay attention to it. Still customer service may refund your money (excluding shipping costs, if any), so don't worry about that much.
    The product matches its price, which is reasonable. I would recommend this item for everyone who likes nice autumn/spring caps.
  • A great gadget and practical too

    posted by moemdx

    This is a nice cap with beautiful bright EL wire on the brim. At first I thought they were leds, but it's actual EL wire. Very nice.The cap itself is of decent quality, it's comfortable. The size is good, and it's adjustable to fit different heads. The battery pack is very flat.
    It would be nice if this came in other colours too. I would like it in blue. Maybe red would be nice too.
    It's a nice, comfortable standard model base ball cap, and it lights up. What more can you wish for?
  • Cool Toy, Not Really Practical

    posted by ChapmanFok

    -There's a fan on the hat. What's not to like about that?-The strap is velcro, which I prefer over the traditional clicky button things that wear out over time.-Solar powered, no need to replace battery.
    Niche market due to its cons.
    No point getting it. The breeze generated is insignificant. And it only runs in direct sunlight meaning you're getting beatened by the sun to run that fan. The opening doesnt provide shade either.If you're back is against the sun and must be out in the open, then I guess it's ok. Other than that, I dont see any other use for it.

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