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  • Protect the console like a stone covering it.

    posted by LostDude

    Awesome, very strong material, well made, fits perferctly to put the PS VITA while using the silicone protector.
    works great, and cheaper than the ones sold at my country. Just bored about the smell that it has, but after 1 month the smell went out.
    very good gadget, but you need patience to get rid of the smell that comes with it. Just put it on the sun for like 15 days, seriously.
  • Good pouch for the price

    posted by nch90

    Is pretty cheap and does the work it should protecting the 3DS. The hard cover seems to be hard enough to tolerate some crashes. Is pretty practical also! The hook it has is pretty nefty.
    The "for 3DS stamp" is quite irrelevant, but doesn't annoy at all. Also called my attention that it actually comes on it's on packaging, beside the regular DX pouches.
    It works right as a shock absorber fot the 3Ds and also a game carrier. Is not the best, but is one of the cheapest also, so nobody could blame it for it.
  • Does what it does

    posted by drackenstein

    It's a DSi case. It protects my DSi from the tortures it would normally endure during my travels. With this case I can just toss my DSi into my bag and not worry about it getting scratched up or otherwise brought to the depths of ruination by unscrupulous what-not's that might harass it while not in use. For this I am grateful.
    It's functional, I can forget about it as long as I'm not looking directly at it. And in general it's a good case. Buy it and protect your system. Seriously it's under five bucks and how much did you pay for your system? I think it's worth at least a fiver to protect your darling Nintendtoy.
  • Great!!!

    posted by ichi10

    The inner material is very soft (didn't damage the PSP)The compartiments are usefull and have plenty space for some more items (cards, straps, usb cable)The zipper open/close very easyThe outside material is sturdy for the ocasional use (3 times at week in long trips)The color is awesone
    I love it, great product. Does the job anytime!!!
    Nothing better for the same price if have the money buy it, you can't regret it!!!
  • Superb

    posted by JudithJ

    -Looks pretty sweet -Good price-Build quality is very good-3DS fits in just fine, and so do 3DS games (although the pockets were made for DS game)-DSL and DSi (NOT XL) fit in perfectly too
    I'm guessing this was produced a long time ago, before they announced the 3DS cartridges will have a little notch on the top. Still, 3DS games fit with a little bit of effort. The design is pretty good - if you have any other stuff you want to put in the case (like earphones), then they won't scratch the top half of the shell.
    Bought this one and the red one, and the red one looks much nicer, but the red one doesn't look good with a blue 3DS, so if you have a blue 3DS, get this one.They both looks much better in real life, believe me. Great for travelling and carrying around with you, and just protecting your 3DS from dust.

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