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You can find fashionable hard drive protective at a low price. When you purchase products at DX, you will receive DX points. These dx.com points can be redeemed for certain products, offering the customer great discounts. internal hard drive and 2.5 hard drive are the hottest keywords that customer use. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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hard drive protective Customers Reviews

  • great product

    posted by mani1117

    Fits my 2.5 hdd like a glove.The rubber is very soft and on the inside has some small protuberances that keeps the hdd still.
    I bought this for my hdd in my custom made carputer case and it is very usefull
    u have a 2.5 hdd that is not inside a laptop? - then buy one of these.
  • Good quality hard case to protect your HDD.

    posted by TheMikLad

    Have a few USB drives, and this particular case is perfect for protecting one, hard outer shell, strong zip, and inside the drive can be held in place behind the elasticated chord, while on the other side (half) there's a handy elasticated netting which can secure a USB cable, paper notes etc, and there's also a handy cloth panel with 3 segments for holding memory cards (SD etc). The double zips are of good quality and constructed well, so shouldn't have any issues with them.
    Included inside is a small chord to attach to the little ring on the outside, can now carry your protected HDD.
    Fits all my drives nicely (WD Passport, Verbatim, and Buffalo), will happily purchase more when needed. Thanks DX.
  • This case is very nice!

    posted by Galgalatz1986

    This case is a good size, looks nice and very comfortable - has room for the hard drive cable as well.It is very helpful, protects my Western digital hard drive, and makes it easy for me to take it anywhere.This case also has a mesh pocket in the middle for memory cards etc, and an inner pocket on one of the sides for the hard drive cable.
    I really like it, it protects my Western digital hard drive, and makes it easy for me to take it anywhere.
  • Useful and inexpensive, nice buy

    posted by Sciamano

    - Inexpensive (similar protective case can cost up to five times as much in a brick and mortar)
    - They do their job
    - Easy to use
    - Perfect fit
    - Stackable
    Useful cheap sylicone cases. If you keep spare disks around (to use with a cradle or a IDE->USB adapter) you need these.
    A great buy, with just a few bucks I was able to protect my spare disks.
  • Protection for your Hard Drive

    posted by Throd

    A good protective layer for your hard drive. The thick rubber corners protect the hard drive from all six sides, whilst still allowing access to the data and power ports.
    From the pictures I thought the hard drive may be able to fall out from the edge with the ports, but it cannot - you need to stretch the rubber quite a bit in order to fit the drive in it, and then it securely clamps all around it.
    The four bumpers at the corners make sure that whichever way you place it (it can freely stand on any one of its six sides), it will have a few millimeter of clearance from the surface, and they have a good, firm grip. The bottom part of the bumpers are convex, while the top is concave, which means you can easily stack them one atop the other and they will snugly fit one another.
    Three of the four edge-sides are lined with rubbery fingers to provide an additional cushiony effect. The side with the ports doesn't have them, since it's almost absent, and is thus the most exposed.
    Yesterday, when I unwrapped it, I could smell it if I put my nose to it. To me it smelled good, but I like the smell of gasoline. Today, after being in a drawer since, I can't smell anything.
    So far it seems like a better alternative than the PVC hard drive box which is sold here (and I have several of), since unlike the box, it probably won't shatter when the hard drive drops from a mere 40 cm, and will most defiantly protect the hard drive better from shock.

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