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  • Good product. Good price !

    posted by sbtracky

    - relatively cheap product (it costs a half price of usual stores here in Brazil)- the product comes with a mini phillips screwdriver - comes with a reliable USB cable with connection to use a second USB port do feed hard drives which demands more than 500mA from power source- comes with a well-ended case
    It's a good product. Worth a buy.
    If you need to access data on a notebook hard drive this product is all you need. It easily connect a SATA hard disk drive made for notebooks to a standard USB port. Works on Windows and MacOSX
  • Not just for harddisks

    posted by WednesdayA

    I love this case, it is the perfect bag in bag for all the small stuff that was floating around in my handbag and I could never get my hands on without emptying the entire bag. I also bought the purple case for my 2,5" HDD which is a perfect fit and goes nicely with my purple netbook. The small compartments are perfect for extra memory cards.
    I will probably buy some more of these as they can also be used for sewing kits, first aid kits etc. and all sorts of other small stuff can be stored and transported in them without any problems.
    They're practical, just buy them whenever you have small stuff lying about and getting lost!
  • Excelente gabinete para utilizar tu viejo disco de 2.5

    posted by cnmisael

    -El material de color es muy bueno, aluminio de buena calidad y el housing interno de plastico bueno.- Buen precio comparado con los que puedo adquirir localmente
    El color realmente es muy llamativo, piensas que es negro pero al observarlo detenidamente te das cuenta que tiene un tono entre verde y azul muy oscuros.
    Funciona muy bien, mantiene tasas de transferencias de 30 Mbps en promedio de escritura, en lectura es mas rapido (probado en Linux, Windows)
  • cheap SSD

    posted by omega256

    - As fast as my SD card is with a PDA (9 MB/s)
    - Fast access time, less than 1ms
    - Very cheap
    - Easy to use
    - Three very bright LEDs (Power, SD, Access)
    So all in all it's a very nice thing. Very fast, easy to use, and the cheapest SSD you can build. 4Gb SSD at around 20$.
    I can't check if, SDHC works.
  • device will not let you down

    posted by ounlive

    the device is small,
    the price even better.
    fit perfectly inside laptop compartment.
    with compactflash getting cheaper per 1Gb nowaday, it good time to upgrades.
    buy it and try it out.
    i just have to upgrade to old laptop from less than 1gb harddrive to 4gb CF with win98se installed.
    through my supprised, this device ran alot faster, no noise what so ever.
    i really recommended.

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