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handy precise screwdriver Customers Reviews

  • Absolutely amazed by the quality

    posted by Mike193

    First of all I'm absolutely amazed by the quality of this product. The plastic grip feels like it could take a hit or two and the tip you are using is firmly held in place using a magnet.The tips you are not using are also firmly held in place inside the handle and only move when you want them to. The tips can easily be taken out be pushing them with another tip, this also makes it harder to lose one of them!
    Mine actually had the wrong tip sizes included with it, but DX solved that without a hassle after contacting their support.
    Incredibly awesome product for an even more incredible price!
  • Screwdriver flat

    posted by fettler

    WOW - this is an amazing quality driver. The handle is aluminium, the blade is steel (i guess). Rather than the usual slippery rotation under use (the end of the screwdriver has a section that sits against the palm of your hand and does not turn) this one has what feels like a ratchet. The handle is slightly contoured and the grip texture close to the blade is great for stubborn screws.
    Not just for telco stuff, in fact I cant imagine where in the user side of the UK telco network you would use this? Ideal for any small screwing jobs you have to do!
    Significantly better quality than the "Jeweller's screwdrivers" sets you see in DIY stores, great handles, great tips. Buy it!
  • This screwdriver is the best!

    posted by zav

    excelent grip! strong, great material, has a thing on its back to help attach/deattach screws. it´s magnetic, so you can catch easily small screws.
    I have bought a large number os this ph screwdrivers, and always have to replace them with little time, while this one is perfect after almost 10 months of use! Really recommended!
    I have 2 of these here, and both are fine even after EVERYDAY use. If you need small tip ph screwdriver, buy this one on me!
  • Very precise and hady hex screwdriver

    posted by mauroelettrico

    Very nice screwdriver with a comfortable grip.With this now i can assemble models very quick and fast.The head of the screwdriver can be exchanged for repair or to change hex dimensionThe reamer is very well done, nice manifacturing, perfect to make hole in to the lexan bodies
    Very fast to screw and unscrew hex parts.The key is really long, so you can reach every far or diffucult screw
    A must have for all modelers that want to repair or mount by zero a new model. Now you can assemble a kit in three hours.after all job, you can use the reamer to open holes in lexan, so one of the most random result work, become a pleasure to do.
  • Decent tool kit

    posted by Aumaster

    Small and cheap multi function tool kit.
    Does what it needs to and hides all the extra end bits away inside the tube but easy to access
    while its cheap it still does what you need it to. all the pieces are oil covered to prevent rust but i fear that as soon as thats gone they will rust.
    the bottom line is if you are after a small handy tool kit with these pieces in it then go for it. if it breaks dont think much of it coz it was so cheap


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