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  • Easy way to watch out your babies

    posted by MartinovicGK

    The device is ready to be used after connecting the adapter to electricity supply. No need to enter password to connect to wifi. The device connects to the wifi automatically. You can see your babies where ever you are connected to the same wifi.
    The quailty of speakers shoul be improved.
    I can advise this product to everyone who are looking after babies. Because it makes you more confortable to see your babies and hear at the same time, instead of listening their possible cry only.
  • Wanderful gadget/tool

    posted by kamokronner

    Plug-n-play working very fine in Windows (tomorrow I'll test in Linux/Ubuntu and after in Android 4.0 of mini pc, which is the purpose that led me to buy this device).Work fine in a distance of 4m (I consider this a considerable distance to use sitting on the couch 3m away) with no lag or disturbance. Also tested with obstacles.Key responses is instant. No lag too, like using touch pad and keyboard of your pc.In comparison with other models, I think the larger size of the touchpad of this device helps to have more precision.
    Waiting now the mini pc arriving for final test.
    I recommend it.
  • Very good choice

    posted by Aronnax

    Fantastic survillance camera. The image is clear. Can be used with other cameras-Good quality of video - it's in color, quite detailed. Of course, picture is more like an average webcam, but for the $89 - it's acceptable.-Receiver and camera have their own charging cables.Night vision is good and picture quality is very good. Sound quality is average.
    Maybe the camera can be used for other purpouses .
    good choice and cheapest!
  • a must-have companion for HTPC

    posted by NeSBCN

    - The device can control both the PC *and* also TV plus one additional device, provided they can be operated with an IR remote: the Rii learns the commands and can succesfully operate a TV, a receiver, ..
    - The device is small and light
    - it has a nice design
    - it has Function buttons (F1,F2,...)
    - the mini-trackpad is very responsive
    - it has a backlight on all the keys
    - the operating range is acceptable (can get several meters, even within cabinet)
    This keyboard is not Bluetooth, keep that in mind because you will always need the provided RF 2.4GHz receiver.
    If you need a keyboard+mouse for your HTPC, this is undoubtedly one of the best devices available.
  • very fun toy

    posted by AbyssKeeper

    Bluetooth works with every Bluetooth i testedNokia Symbian 3 laptops and PCsif PC don't have Bluetooth you just connect the Bluetooth dongle "hidden" in the keyboardhas GREAT back light and Cool laser witch apparently spiders try to catch ? funnyfun to watch streaming from bed or leaving room...key functions seems to work good tho sometime certain laptops wont recognize a a key such as Ctrl or altwhich is weirdPC is fine
    very good product but weak signal makes it annoying...size is great and comfortable to typei bought Bluetooth version cause i thought would have better reception guess its up to the device power and Bluetooth is just a license
    think before you buy

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