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handheld digital multimeter Customers Reviews

  • Great multimeter

    posted by Xp534

    -Auto ranging feature
    -Comes with capacitance and frequency
    -Neat and portable
    Its an awesome multimeter! Its not one of those low quality ones you find for a few bucks. Perfect for hobbyists that mess around with LEDs and the like.
    Great quality multimeter that meets your needs. (Except for the small range for current maybe)
  • Great value mutimeter

    posted by Ricnz

    At this price you can buy some spares.Have one in each car and toolbox. Nice large clear display.I have known brand meters and find the look, feel and operation of this one to be very similar to Fluke without the huge investment.
    Packaged well.This came in a bubble bagged cardboard box so not well protested for shipping but it arrived in perfect order.
    If you use and lose multimeters buy a few spares. This meter is good quality & value
  • Great price and quality

    posted by sassor

    Good meter that has most of the functions I want as a hobbyst, and simple to use with its autorange.Shows the same measurements as my 10 years old DVM92 : I hope it means that my other meter is still good, and not the other way.
    When I bought it, I thought I'd be able to identify bad caps with its capacity measurement . I was a bit disappointed since most bad caps still show the right capacity with the meter. Anyway, it's not a con of that VC99.I also often use the Temperature measurement to better monitor BGA resoldering with the heat gun.For all the other functions, it does the job right as a second multimeter (I still like to use my old one for this).
    It has done the job so far.
  • Satisfied

    posted by Schiavon

    Great quality, tips, cables and case very good, the battery worked perfectly, it is an indispensable tool for any professional in the field of electrical and electronics.
    Besides others, measures capacitance, frequency, duty cycle and temperature, all with auto range, could also measure, inductance and transistor gain, but I bought aware of this.
    It is a tool for both hobbyist and professionals in electronics, with cost-effective, comes with manual in Chinese and English, you can buy without fear, because it works very well and has great quality. In Brazil it is equivalent to ET-2075b and it costs around U.S. $ 75.00.
  • Good product

    posted by tank86

    Good product- Pretty fast- many functionnalities- priceless for a True RMS- Inlcuded Pc software for data acquisition and ploting (about 3 Data per second in Volt and 1 Data per second in Frequency)- NVC : When you come closer to power socket with high volatege, 220V, diode on a top of a Multimeter start to blink and buzzer also.
    Working voltmeter which looks like profesional one.

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