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handcrafted flute Customers Reviews

  • Good looking working flute

    posted by tuurem

    Really chep, I think these could cost tens of dollars. Looks really nice, fits perfect for decoration on wall (like I use mine). Sounds really nice and traditional also when played accurately.
    Good element for decoration. But if used for playing, everyone should know that the first hole after blowing hole should be sealed with tape for example if wanted to play like a typical flute
    Chep, nice looking, nice sounding, working!
  • nice for beginner fluteplayers

    posted by tussetroll81

    *The flute is short, so I am able to bring it with me inside my purse and in the back of my schoolbag. *After I learned how to blow to make sound, it was fairly easy to start playing melodies*I have had a lot of fun with this flute, and I am not an experienced flute player
    *I dont think this would be a flute for big concerts. The sound is nice and playful, but not so deep and forceful*I think the tune became slightly more deep after I oiled the inside with wood oil
    a easy and fun flute for beginners or just someone who wants to play for the fun of it
  • good beginner's Dizi

    posted by jackmiles

    Inexpensive, well constructed, fairly well tuned (easily tweaked w X-Acto blade). Tuneable. Loud. Full 2 octaves, maybe even 2 1/2 after some woodshedding?
    So much fun! The added resonance of a well-wrinkled dimo makes for some interesting effects, though it is a little more difficult to play than most transverse flutes. Google "dizi" and "dimo" to figure out how to attach the membrane. IMPORTANT NOTE: Chinese assign their keys a little differently...instead of all holes closed, they take the note it plays when the top three holes are closed! Westerners would call this "G" flute a (high) "D" flute, basically replicating the range of the most popular key of Irish tin whistle. Two and a half step difference. Likewise: "F" = C, and "E" = B.
    If you already play flute, at this price...you really have no excuse to not pick one up! If you're comping, "G" (D) is a good key to own and you should definitely buy this version over the one-piece, non-tuneable flute.Great start on your instrument selection, DX! But why only carry G, E, and F? Why no larger dizis in C and D (western G and A), as they are readily available elsewhere? How about offering a full set of 5 (C, D, E, F, and G) in a hard case...you'd probably see a lot fewer RMAs and returns from shipping damage!Need to also offer Xiao, bau, sheng, xun and other totally 'exotic' yet affordable and high quality Chinese wind instruments. Drums too, please, maybe some bamboo whistles...
  • Beautiful instrument (look for Dizi on internet)

    posted by Pieille

    This is an absolutely beautiful instrument! I was not sure if I would buy it to play or only to display... but for display, it is a marvel :o) As it is shipped with its dimo, you can look on YouTube how to apply it (e.g. http://youtu.be/nEwycxCti5s)
    I don't know if it is a good instrument or not, but once I had the Dimo applied (with sticky tape!) it definitely made that kind of "buzzy" sound that I was awaiting!
    For that price, do not hesitate!!! It is beautiful and even sounds like a Dizi :-)
  • It's a piece of chinese art and culture!

    posted by guilhermewalrus

    Very good finishing. Nice tone as well. Suitable both for playing and decorative usage.
    Comes with a lot of membrane and a nice carrying pouch.
    Could include a dizi fingering chart and an instruction guide for setting up the membrane.
    That would be good for beginners, since the membrane setup is somewhat hard to get accomplished in the first attempts and it is critical for the dizi performance.
    This flute is really good and it's definately worth the price you pay.
    It's a piece of chinese art and culture, and will please people of all ages.

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