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hand strap black Customers Reviews

  • Very Recommended

    posted by unank

    Good quality. Made of leather in the outer layer which are very cool and quite protective. It's inner layer are made of some soft fabric, so it's very easy on your finger and for the screen. Very very recomended
    Do not have any, already good as it is. But might be great if you included some sort of stylus regarding that they provide a place to keep your pen.
    Very good quality and recommended.
  • good value

    posted by adymitruk

    does what it's supposed to. Ease to screw on the adapter, then snap on the cap.
    excellent way of getting white balance right. Just point up at the light source where your subject is and take your white balance reading with the cap still on
    I'm replacing all of my caps with these. What a time saver to use your OOC jpegs. And skip post processing for a lot of your photos. You will have to make sure to remember to redo the reading when you change location as the white balance will change with ambient light reflecting off of different colours, textures, etc
  • Works fine no far

    posted by dlucas

    * Really cheap;* Actually works;* Fairly easy to install/remove;* I had to use the adapter that comes with the cap, but did not notice any vignetting;
    I used it on a Nikon 35mm f1.8 DX, with a mounted UV filter.The plastic adapter that comes with the cap was required and it does not "feel" as a perfect fit. But at the end of the day, it works.
    Despite the (lesser) cons, I'm satisfied with this cap.
  • Heavy duty cable tie

    posted by fureiya

    Very well made, just as in the pictures and just as I expected.Feels heavy duty.
    Very useful to tie laptop- and other cables that you need to untie once in a while.Ties lenght is about 31cm and it's 25mm wide.It also goes around your wrist. Maybe you can use it attach a compass or another thing in your hand.
    Maybe a bit expencive than other velcro cable ties, but this is thicker and wider so it's more suitable for heavy users.
  • Stylish replacment for standard strap

    posted by Isokrates

    Leather both looks good and feels a whole lot better than most standard straps.Has a little triangular patch that goes between the camera body and the metal ring making it silent.At a glance looks to cost more than it does.
    Build quality is notably inferior to what you'd get from other manufacturers but at a tenth of the price, if not less, this isn't much to complain about.
    It's a good-enough replacement that's usually better than the standard strap.I've tried this on analog compact cameras and a sony NEX, and while it works great on larger compact cameras I wouldn't recommend it for NEX users.

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