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  • Semi-fake

    posted by Valerk0

    The price is low and it is easy to use it. The lock for handle makes flashlight more compact. It is quite durable.
    I decided to improve. 1) Added more turns to the coil - it led to 5.5V output. 2) inserted rectifiing bridge before LEDs3) Added 2 little NiMh (3.4V, 40mAh) in paralel for charging from dynamo. 4)Connected switch to toggle between light and socket for external devices powering. - now I can listen radio for 10minutes after 1 min of charging by dynamo.
    It does not have sence without rechargeble battery inside.
  • Design flaws but still good Product

    posted by rewardsman101

    Great price for all the features it offers, solar panel charging or crank handle
    Sound from radio comes through clearly
    Multiple adapters for charging different devices
    Handy thing to take camping or to the beach, although I'd keep sand away from the crank handle mechanism.
    Despite its flaws I still love it and it provides a wealth of feature at a great price, the big question is whether it will stand the test of time
  • perfect size for travel

    posted by mgalicia

    the perfect size for traveling the countryside or to be included in a survival backpack, the policeman with whom account is easy to hang on a belt, backpack or purse and carry easily to any emergency, while at the same time this recharging battery
    Fixed power button is really useful to turn and hang it somewhere and use it as a normal bulb. the handle is excellent for a source of emergency power, which represents the main objective of a flashlight of this type
    the ideal Camper accessory
  • good flashlight without worrying about the battery

    posted by Sendrey

    +Monolithic housing with a nice soft-touch cover+Bright LEDs (first ~3-5min)+Quick charge from the dynamo (~2-3 min to full charge)+You can forgot about battery, flashlight ready to work always, any time.+Dynamo have quiet pleasant sound, i really surprised, expect more of the loud
    If the manufacturer's engineer read this review: Please do the same flashlight, but with a compartment for the AA or AAA batteries (1 or 2), it is unlikely to be more expensive, but working time increase, the flashlight can work as a battery charger and it will be more repairable.
    In every sense a great flashlight, but why manufacturer put a small nonstandart battery with small capacity?
  • i think having one is a must

    posted by spaceyman

    no battery needed,seems to of lasted this long and still going strong so not to badly made,nice price and it has had its had its fair share of use in many months now,its been thru cupboards and up in the attic,and even out in the car with me on many dark nights having that torch finding my way along unlit paths.
    let there be light.
    a torch without the need to find and buy batteries just that one off fee in buying this torch.on/off switch and alot of easy finger crunching.got some for the kids they love them.

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