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h11 white Customers Reviews

  • You can use this as DRL lights

    posted by karl1960

    The lights are powerfull and bright enough to be used as Daylight Runtime Lights (DRL) as replacement for the foglights. I used them for a Toyota Aygo.Another pro is the good stable building quality
    The lights are cold (blue-ish) white.Before I build them in, I did measure the power they took at 12 Volts, but it's a while ago and I have forgotten the values. But I remember that is was close to the advertised 7.5 Watts. When run in a car (not 12 Volts but more 13.8 with engine running) I'm almost sure you get your 7.5 Watts
    I am happy with these lights, and I will recommend them.
  • Satisfied

    posted by MDima

    Enough bright light (near 5000K), looks very pretty. Good build quality. Has good heatsink (aluminium body).
    Firstly I've bought sku.27205, but their brightness is much lower and 1 row of leds (closest to connector) fits behind reflector and lights to nowhere. These are much better!
    They don't give much light as stock halogen 35W, but I use them as DRL (day running lights). Looks much better and "eats" much less energy.
  • Bright and well done

    posted by Falcotre

    Globally the led lights are well done and quite bright:probably the total flux is higher than the reported 180 Lm, when considering the gloabal emission angle.Light emission is higher whithin +/- 30 degrees from axis and well distributed in the remaining angular field so it matches very well the reflector of my fog projectors (diam = roughly 60 mm), that I use as Daylight Running Lights (DRL). Color is a little cold white, so the color temperature 6000-6500 K seems correct. The global effect as per DRL is very good.
    I tested them before mounting, using a laboratory DC power supply under controlled conditions. The absorbed current raises up linearly with the applied voltage, until about 14 V when it reaches a maximum of 280-300 mA (it depends on the particular light and partially on its temperature), which is higher than in the data sheet. At 14 V. the absorbed power is roughly 4 W and the light reaches the maximum brightness. When higher voltages are applied the inner voltage regulator takes over by decreasing the absorbed current (I tested up to 24 V), so that the absorbed power remains quite constant, as well as the brightness does. After for 4 hours turned on the temperature of the aluminium heatsink was as high as I could hold it comfortably between my fingers for 2-3 seconds. Globally a very good behaviour I think.
    A good product, well engineered, good general quality, relatively low heating and a good price.Definitely recommended.
  • better to take two

    posted by 11bass

    Looks that it's real Philips lamps. Hard plastic case. Good brightness, strong and accurate light beam gives nice lightning and does not dazzle oncoming drivers. Low prise for this type of connector and lamp class.
    It's sad that one lamp was defected, but both lamps comes with lower price than one normal lamp in local store. This type of connector are uncommon and this types of lamps are expensive
    I'll buy this lamps next time
  • I hope for a decent quality

    posted by carcarepro

    The assessments made me, can still be considered in advance...Buy, more precisely, we have even bought these led bulbs with the hope that they will be better my previous purchases.
    Certainly satisfied with the quality of purchased goods, I will definitely recommend it not only to my friends and acquaintances, but to my customers. Wait and see... HJ, don't let me down!
    Being a partner's Why, of course, I am also interested in the fact that sellers are responsible for the quality of its products.

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