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  • It works

    posted by 3900Kv

    It's the cheapest price you will find for this gyro. It was very easy to install, inspite of slightly bigger size than Telebee.Setup is easy too. It works like a HH gyro should. I didn't notice any drift though I haven't hovered it hands free yet.
    I have been using it on my SuperFPBD, Flown it in relatively high wind condition. Tail has soaked it all, thanks to this gyro. Not even once has it blown. With taill been taken care of it has let me focus on trying out new stuff. I move from tail in hover to piros with in 4 days.
    Will I buy it again? Yes.
  • I recomend this product.

    posted by diegocalo

    Really great product for that price. I've seen it crash against walls and floor, and keep on working.
    It took over a month to get to Argentina and be delivered, but... I think its normal.
    Recomended! If you need to make a gift, this item is perfect to kids and not so kids too!
  • well build helicopter

    posted by jedicaz

    well built helicopter very good quality and comes with some really good radio gear.for advanced rc helicopter pilots would be so much fun ability to do stunts 3d flying comes with every thing you need to take out and fly it. apart from battery's for controller.
    This helicopter got so much potential so much you can adjust to suit your flying 3d flying im still a novices so im not really flying it to it full potentialbut will get there once get use to it properly and work out all the good settings.
    really nice looking helicopter good detail little lightly built try to avoid heavy crashes very complex main rotor and tail rotor setup but easy to adjust if you know what your doing not suitable for beginners.
  • excellent

    posted by sneezerland

    It is a very good product, it has been improved again. it is very stable. and it is very easy to fly. It is the second one. This first one broke after thousand times crashed. Bought only the body. It matched the remote perfectly
    This is the second one. Very strong built helicopter. No complaint for the first has been totally abused.
    Will buy again from DX. It has the best service and I have total confident to buy from DX
  • Great Cheap Heli

    posted by Guyfromhe

    Awesome little 4 channel heliNearly indestructibleVery fastPrecise controlCan buy this item as just the heli only if you want to replace the whole thing rather than trying to repair tiny parts.This one does not come with a controller or batteries! I made the mistake buying this (not looking very close at the pics) and I ended up buying a kit afterwards so I have a spare.
    If you haven't mastered 3 channel coaxial helis you may have a hard time with this. The controls are a lot more sensitive than most other toy helis and it moves a lot faster. As long as you can handle all 4 directions at once you should be able to get the hang of it pretty quick. The fact that it doesn't really break is also a plus for learning.
    Awesome heli.. If you are looking to buy THIS item you probably already know that and have one. If you aren't a V911 owner already go buy: http://www.dx.com/p/wltoys-v911-4ch-4-channel-2-4ghz-mini-gyro-single-radio-propeller-rc-helicopter-model-1-123220It's the same thing but comes with the control and so forth. It will NOT let you down.

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