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  • Good buy, all the way.

    posted by Alazandanga

    I dont know if this is good or bad for you, but... its kinda heavyDrive attaches firmly, so it wont fall offLooks pretty durable
    It delivers, basically.
    Its just what you payed for: a gun, with a pendrive magazine LOL!The heavy issue its up to you if its a con or a pro, i found it cool because it gives me the feel of quality. Maybe others will find this to be a con, because it will bother to carry it around...The drive works fine btw, so... go for it! ;)
  • Great product

    posted by patodox

    Great quality considering the price, in my city is not possible to find a product like this, only the normal zapper. Good weight and size, the feel of the game is quite real than other guns. Takes some getting used to the speed of movement, as the remote is further away from your eyes, but once you get used to the feeling is great. Use the nunchuk is simple and the buttons (B, Z and C) fit very accurately.
    Comes without box, thankfully my shipment was not damaged. I'm thinking of buying another rifle. I'm not using yet the vibration motor, so i can't give an opinion about that.
    if you are a fan of FPS games, you must have one of these.
  • Great product and great shipping!

    posted by Kcofeltrin

    It is really easy to use! Just add water and wait for it to get frozen ! Use it with your friends at a party in your house and impress your guests!
    Really happy with this order! The products are pretty easy to use. I went shopping for one of these the other day and found a set for more than 10 times the value I paid through DX!
    Just buy it,throw a party and impress your guests! I will surely buy other items as well. Really happy with my purchase
  • Viponly

    posted by Viponly

    This M16 model pen is kind a delightful. It looks cool when you are writting with him at school and the ink it's realy high qualitty.
    There could be more gun shaped pens mith mp5 or ak47 maybe with different ink like red or green. If you put them in your shop i would totally buy them!
    I am really sorry for my grammar mistakes, It is not my country language so i am not very good at it.
  • Great Item

    posted by cheapncheerful

    It looks great and is very well constructed. It is very easy to install and use. It tightens on well and stays where it should. It is very light as it made of aluminium. The paint or outer coating does not peel or wear off but will scratch if hit hard.
    I replaced the front iron sight on my G&G M4 airsoft gun with this so I could mount flip up sights on it and it works an absolute treat. Use locktite or something similar to make sure the screws stay in place.
    Great item. If you are looking for something like this than look no further!!

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