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  • Great for airsoft

    posted by n0p_sp

    It works great, you can aim really fast and it's really precise.when people tries my airsoft gun, they are really surprised by how the sight looks and works
    Being the brightness selector an analog potentiometer is great, because you can set it really dim at night and avoid being sighted because of the projector's shine.Also it's great that all the body is covered by the metal protector, it avoids sun's glare
    Great for airsoft, if you are still using iron sights, get it right away! You will aim faster and better.
  • Nice aesthetics, not so usefull

    posted by lliuw

    Really great looks, good paint finish and very lightweight, has Docter and "Made in USA".seems really sturdy
    this could be a great RDS if it wasnt of it's parallax issues and bad smearing near edges beating the whole point of owning a RDS as a quick adquisition sight. Ill try to add a pre filter to see if dot looks better
    Could be used in airsoft, hardly for paintball.Great aesthetics but it is usefull as an iron sight.
  • Evaluating the product

    posted by Poseidon63

    Very well constructed and finished, deep matte black paint, adjustment simple and practical.
    As said the construction equipment is solid, I use on my crossbow, I do not know if it would work well in a firearm, the set screws are clicks, not disrupt easily, but the jolt of the firearm could damage the laser.
    Without the wire problem was very happy with the purchase, the value is low for the equipment, I recommend the purchase!
  • great sight

    posted by crampas88

    + good quality of the housing+ battery included+ 2 different colors (red green)+ 5 different brightness levels of each color+ 4 different dots (crosshair, dot, circled dot, circled crosshair)+ comes with wrench
    couldn't test the sight yet but it seems to be a good sight. In my mind, one of the best sights for this price.The aluminum alloy seems to be very strong. I like it very much.At the moment I'm using the circled crosshair. The single dot is to small for me. Brightness level number 3 seems to be enogh for you.
    shipped in a unsafe manner but hey, the price is very good.
  • Wow this thing is BIG!

    posted by freemjj

    This thing is HUGE. I was thinking it would be a bit larger than most average reflex scopes, I was wrong. This thing is a monster!- perfect if you are looking for a large optic- it will be an attention getter, people asking what the heck it is- provides a very large target view- reticle is bright, has level adjustment - solid metal construction- will give you the perfect setup for the infamous "that's what she said" line :-)
    Rant time: the DX ticket system will only allow you to open one ticket per order at a time. Unfortunately I received two different defective items on my last order, and can only open one ticket until they process the other. Irritating!
    If you want something big and different go for it.

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