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gun bracket mounts Customers Reviews

  • Useful base

    posted by Big_Rod

    Quite well made. Decent construction and finish.Attach to your scope to add an extra rail for other items
    Mount this on your scope and get SKU: 33823 for your torch and you have a quick way to mount and dismount your torch.This item is low profile so doesn't get in the way when you don't have the torch mounted.
    Hard to beat for the price. Simple item that does what it's meant to.Now I'm just trying to get to the 500 character minimum limit in order to be able to post this review - hey, it's a pretty simple item, there's not that much to say!!
  • Good quality Aluminum Alloy Bracket

    posted by mishematza

    The Dual Aluminum Alloy Bracket Flashlight and Laser Gun Mount with Hex Wrench look like a professional bracket on my Airgun Gamo CFX.
    I bougth this Dual Aluminum Alloy Bracket Gun Mount with Hex Wrench for my airgun and have put a very high and expensive Center Point optics on it.
    I will recomend this item to everyone because it is with a very nice looking black color, the optic that i mounted on it stays very stable.
  • Excellent product

    posted by thepeck

    this is the third one of these I've bought so that'll tell you what I think of them.There is little I can say about such a simple product other that its great.
    What can I say. Get oneas I said this is the third one of these I've bought so that'll tell you what I think of them
    Get one if you need one its a great productthis is the third one of these I've bought
  • Decent Single piece mount

    posted by dfaichuk86

    30mm with picatinny, not much to choose from.slightly cantilever, one of 2 from DX. sku 47220 being the other.lightweight compared to sku 47220
    I had SKU 47220 with the leopold Mark4 Illuminated replica and sold it to get the Mark 4 non-illuminated. SKU 47220 is a heavy sucker and kind of hokey with the rails but there no denying its not going anywhere.. this one is much lighter but you sacrifice the hold, but this should hold no problem if you tighten and use some blue locktite.
    Lightweight single piece cantilever mount, not as beefy as SKU 47220 but also not as heavy.
  • Very Nice 30mm low ring.

    posted by dfaichuk86

    Very low mounting ring, the closer your scope/reddot is to the barrel the better it is for trajectory IMO. Used this on the aimpoint replica and it is a papers distance from the rail making it incredibly low profile, it even co-witnessed with HK style sights on a G36 which are incredibly low. has a large nut for so you can apply a lot of torc for tightening. 3 top screw design for large surface area for a nice tight fit on sights and scopes. Mine did not have sticky tape but this is there for added gripping so the scope or sight does not shift, but if tightened properly this should not happen.
    Always handy to have 2 for the lowest possible profile mounting for scopes or specific red dots.
    Great product, Highly recommend purchasing 2 just in case.

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