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  • sasherb

    posted by sasherb

    *The picks are very cheap. - I find it very practical to have lots of them lying around, as picks often get lost... *There are different sizes
    They are shaped like ordinary picks, so if you dislike ordinary picks these are obviously not for you. If you're looking for something special, this isn't it. They are just what they look like: ordinary picks in different sizes and colours.
    If you want some extra picks lying around, buy these!
  • genuine leather pick holder

    posted by rockerrick

    great way to organize your guitar picks, way better then reaching into your wallet or purse.holds a good amount of picks id say around 7-10VERY VERY DURABLE i love that about the item
    id recommend to gets some and give them to your friends who play guitar.
    the bottom line is that they're great for the price you pay i love having the pics well organized and ready to pick up and play. you will have to see for yourself and get some.
  • Great value

    posted by ekersten

    3 different widths makes for a nice range of picks. The colors are really nice althought they are not the ones in the pictures.
    Don't think about it. It's a product of great value for your money.Totally recomended for the average player of every style.
    As soon as I start to run out of picks I'll buy this again without though
  • Good standard steel picks

    posted by Vandrovec

    Well made without any sharp edges that would make wearing them uncomfortable, even over a longer period of playing. Easy to adjust, no need to heat them like plastic picks. Seem unlikely to break any time soon.
    Can't get them in brass, steel only. A bit on the thin side.
    Overall very satisfied. There's not much else to standard metal picks, and these come very cheap. If you're thinking about trying out some fingerpicks for the first time, give these a try.
  • Alice Plastic Guitar Picks

    posted by FMHeavyJam

    Great quality picks, triangle shaped. Basically you have 3 picks in one, because of 3 triangle edges/sides!!! Great for strumming and picking!!! :)
    Great picks if you want to try something new! :)

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