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  • very beautiful Alice AP-12H 0.58mm/0.71mm/0.81mm Plastic Guitar Picks (12-P

    posted by GabrielCapote

    a very beautiful and a cool Alice AP-12H 0.58mm/0.71mm/0.81mm Plastic Guitar Picks (12-Piece)
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    a very beautiful and a cool Alice AP-12H 0.58mm/0.71mm/0.81mm Plastic Guitar Picks (12-Piece)
  • Alice Plastic Guitar Picks

    posted by FMHeavyJam

    Great quality picks, triangle shaped. Basically you have 3 picks in one, because of 3 triangle edges/sides!!! Great for strumming and picking!!! :)
    Great picks if you want to try something new! :)
  • Quite decent triangular picks

    posted by cerkufg

    -A sharper type pick than the standard shape. It comes in a 24pack 0.46,0.71 and 0.81mm-Three edges. This means if one breaks or gets worn out/flattened, just flip it and the next side is fresh. Very awesome, like 3 picks in 1-Sharpness helps for accuracy and is great for tremolo picking. These are just excellent for metal and rock, alternate picked palm mutes feel heavier as you won't have to tilt it much at all
    You will probably experience a harsher sound when using these than softer, round picks - so they are not for everyone. You don't need this if all you do is strum chords. If looking for picks that last, get these rather than the pretty much useless metal picks.
    Highly recommended for someone who uses a lot of picks. Great for both riffing and lead play. Worth getting used to the somewhat awkward size. Definitely get these if you play distortion guitar.
  • Great bunch of picks

    posted by Grantly

    The come in many colours. They are different thicknesses. The middle of the range thickness that seems to be more commonly used are the majority of the picks.
    Great for the beginner. Colorful.
    I purchase these for a child in the family who is learning to play the guitar. They are going strong. He has lost some. But none have broken.
  • Good standard steel picks

    posted by Vandrovec

    Well made without any sharp edges that would make wearing them uncomfortable, even over a longer period of playing. Easy to adjust, no need to heat them like plastic picks. Seem unlikely to break any time soon.
    Can't get them in brass, steel only. A bit on the thin side.
    Overall very satisfied. There's not much else to standard metal picks, and these come very cheap. If you're thinking about trying out some fingerpicks for the first time, give these a try.


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